‘Kill Climate Deniers’ Begins Its Theatrical Run in Australia

March 5, 2018 Washington Times 0

Australia: A play titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ has opened in Sydney despite concerns that fanatics may copy the plot, which favorably portrays ecoterrorists who surround Parliament, take them hostage, and threaten to execute them unless they end global warming tonight. The producers say the play is light-hearted and lots of fun, but the theme is meant to be a serious political statement against those (like us) who reject junk science behind the myth of global warming. The play was commissioned by the government for $19,000.


New Jersey Teacher Suspended and Given Psychological Exam for Supporting Armed Teachers

March 5, 2018 Gateway Pundit 2

A New Jersey high school teacher, Timothy Lock, 59, was placed on administrative leave last week because he said in one of his classes that he supported the idea of arming teachers and increasing school security against school shootings. One of the students reported him to the administration, after which his bag was searched and he was forced to undergo a psychological exam.


Trump Administration Has Reduced Refugee Immigration To A Trickle

March 5, 2018 Breitbart 1

In the US, there are nine Volags (voluntary agencies) funded by more than $1 billion each year by the State Department to resettle refugees in the US. Under the Trump administration, the flow of immigrants has been reduced to a trickle – an average of 1,727 people per month, which is the lowest number in 15 years. As expected, the Volags are not pleased.


Guess Who Organized The Parkland Student Anti-Gun Activists? Hint: It Wasn’t The Students.

March 5, 2018 The Federalsit 1

The students at Parkland high school reportedly organized gun-control activism on a national level with a march, a mass school walk-out, and raising one-million dollars from George Clooney and Oprah. In truth, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz lobbied the Florida State Legislature, the teacher’s union is providing buses, and Michael Bloomberg is organizing the upcoming March For Our Lives, is promoting the project on social media, and training for student activists is provided by Planned Parenthood. Except for David Hogg, the kids have no idea of what is going on.


SPLC Spokesperson Says Immigration for The Purpose of Making Whites A Minority in America Has Been “Planned for a While”

March 5, 2018 Renegade Tribune 3

A smartphone video of a speaker from the Southern Poverty Law Center captured her admitting that the current shift in immigration that will make whites a minority population in America has been “planned for a while” . Furthermore, she says the process has already progressed to the point where it may be unstoppable, even if immigration should become limited.