Senators Challenge ‘War Powers’ in Hopes of Extracting US from Saudi War Against Yemen

March 3, 2018 AntiWar 0

US: A bipartisan effort by four senators is looking to end US military’s involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. They have introduced the first-ever War Powers vote to come out of the Senate. The bill is based on the fact that Congress has never authorized the use of military force in Yemen. The US has participated in the Saudi invasion of Yemen since it began in 2015, including the naval blockade that is causing mass starvation in Yemen.


South Africa: Racial Tension Is Causing White Genocide and the Death of Farmlands

March 3, 2018 Lauren Southern 5

The communist government has imposed a program called Black Economic Empowerment, which limits white employment. As a result, white engineers and skilled craftsmen have been laid off. In the name of racial equality, the government has doomed the economy to decline even further. This is resulting in a lowering living standard for blacks even more than for whites. Cape Town is expected to run out of water in just a few more weeks, but the technicians with the best chance of preventing that have been terminated because of the color of their skin.