Ireland’s Prime Minister to Bring in One-Million Migrants. Farewell Ireland.

March 1, 2018 Gates of Vienna 4

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first ethnic Indian government minister, is preparing to bring one-million immigrants to the Emerald Isle! Ireland’s present population is 4.8 million. The immigrants likely will be Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They will be granted citizenship and subsidized by welfare. They also will be entitled to family reunification (chain migration), which will destroy the culture and the country.


Shocking Similarities between Shootings at Ft Lauderdale Airport And Parkland High School. Same Police Standown. Same Sheriff.

March 1, 2018 The Truth Factory 1

In both cases, the shooters claimed to be in a daze and felt they were being mind controlled. In both cases, they said they heard voices in their heads urging them to kill. In both cases, the killers were well known to police as highly dangerous but were not apprehended. In both cases, the police stood down long enough to allow the shooters to use their ammunition before moving in to stop them. And in both cases, Sheriff Israel used the tragedy to call for confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens.


100,000 Non-Citizens Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania

March 1, 2018 Washington Times 0

The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleging that 100,000 non-citizens are illegally registered to vote. State officials admit that non-citizens have been voting in the state “for decades,” as a result of a provision in the law that makes it easy for illegal aliens to register to vote when they renew a driver’s license. President Trump’s voter integrity commission was supposed to check voter rolls against government databases, but it was disbanded without a fight due to predictable lawsuits.


Twitter Is Being Sued for Censorship of Free Speech

March 1, 2018 Red Ice 2

Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance, believes that the white race has a slightly higher IQ and a lower crime rate than the black race. For expressing his views, Taylor’s Twitter account was suspended, and he is now suing Twitter to test the strength of freedom-of-speech. Please be aware that, although this case involves an unpopular view relating to race, the underlying principle can be – and will be – applied to the free expression of opinion on many other topics as well – including religion, morality, health, personal relationships, and political opinion.