US Justice System Used Tactics Against Opponents That Are Considered Criminal

Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road, an anonymous website known for selling drugs and using Bitcoin, was arrested and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 40 years! In this interview with his mother, you will learn amazing facts about the tactics used by federal prosecutors to make her son a public example to discourage other people from using private cryptocurrency in commerce. If you think the government was acting to combat illegal drugs, you will be shocked to learn how lenient the system is with real drug dealers. If you think this harsh sentence is because the government is concerned with a web site selling illegal merchandise, be prepared to learn that the man who took over the previous trade of the Silk Road and built it into an even bigger trade than Ross Ulbricht had, received a sentence of just 16 days in jail. This mother’s story is not a defense of recreational drugs or illegal activity. It is a cry of despair against politicians, prosecutors, and judges, who get away with falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, conspiracy to deny the right to a fair trial, and outright lying in order to punish those who become role models for the use of cryptocurrency instead of government-issued money. -GEG