Parkland Student Says They Were Warned about a Realistic Drill with Blank Gunshots

Thomas Holgate on Lucien Wintrich's Twitter video
Thomas Holgate, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, said that he heard thuds, but thought that they were blanks. He thought it was a drill because for a year and a half the students were told that there was going to be a school shooter “drill” that was set to be as real as possible, shooting blanks, with a SWAT team and helicopters.

Watch the video here, and skip forward to the end at 1:06:00 where Holgate exposes the drill:

In an explosive interview with Parkland shooting survivor Thomas Holgate, a number of inconsistencies set forth by the MSM, and circumstances surrounding the shooting and the school itself were discussed, shedding further light on yet another confusing story that seems to take another twist with each passing day. Earlier today, we reported that emergency responders were told to wait outside while the children were bleeding out in the school. Soon after, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham revealed sources told her the Sheriff’s Dept instructed the Broward Deputies NOT to enter the school unless their body cameras were on.

During the interview, Holgate noted that the shooter was only in the school for approximately nine minutes, and during that time period he killed 17 people, in the chaos, and due to outdated security cameras with 20-minute delays, people were shuffling in and out of locations unaware of the shooter’s location.

That day, the students had already undergone a fire drill, to their shock another drill seemed to be underway.

Once Holgate was crowded into the auditorium with other students, he began to hear small thuds outside of the door, which he compared to the sound of “textbooks dropping”. The story then takes a dramatic turn for bizarre when Holgate states that the students thought the thuds were “blanks”. This was because for a year and a half these students was going to be a school shooter “drill” that was set to be as real as possible.

“We were told that when the drill happens, the SWAT team is gonna be there, there’s gonna be helicopters, there will be police, there will be blanks shots, so we were like, ‘Okay, this is just a drill.”

“We were told there was going to be a drill that would make it as real as possible . . . They prepared us for something that might happen at the school. It’s sick to think they’d even make us prepare for something like that.”

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