Florida: Students Claim There Were Multiple Shooters at the School

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HightSchool. Wiki

Parkland, Florida: Nikolas Cruz has been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of 17 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  An unidentified female student says there were “definitely three shooters” in the building.  She says the students previously had been put through drills, so they believed the real shooting was just another drill.  Offscreen, young men who are believed to be students, are heard saying: “They told us about a drill where they were gonna be shooting blanks.”  Alexa Miednik, a senior, reported that she was walking with and talking to the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, while she heard shots from another area of the school.  She says there must have been other shooters because Cruz did not have a gun. -GEG

The source for the off-camera interview with the male students is from WSVN 7 News, recorded on video that was sent out in the tweet linked here.




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3 years ago

She said shots were fired while she and Cruz were walking together.
She then said that was after the fact (after the shooting?)
Who knows? She was high.