Delaware Proposes Allowing Children to Choose Race or Gender (Including Hormone Drugs) Without Parents’ Knowledge

Delaware Governor John Carney, Wiki
Delaware: Governor John Carney declared a new state policy, called ‘Prohibition of Discrimination’, that allows children from K to 12 to choose their own name, race, or gender identify, and even access hormone blockers necessary to transition to the opposite sex, all without the knowledge of their parents. Students would be able to join any sports team they choose and use bathrooms and showers according their chosen identity. Parents are outraged over the proposal, and over 11,000 public comments submitted to Delaware’s Department of Education have been overwhelmingly negative. Schools in Chicago, Massachusetts and Oregon have similar policies in place. [Are you ready yet to take an active part in political action? Freedom Force awaits you here.] -GEG

Delaware is considering adopting a policy that will let young students in school choose whatever name, gender, or race they want under a veil of school protection mandating that the parents not be informed of these decisions unless the student explicitly wishes the parent be included.

Drafted by Delaware Gov. John Carney, the anti-discrimination policy states that children from K-12 can choose their own name, identify with whatever race or gender they feel most comfortable with, and even access hormone blockers necessary to transition without the consent of their parents. Regulation 225 “Prohibition Of Discrimination” also indicates that students will be able to join any sports team they choose and can use bathrooms and showers according their chosen identity.

Many parents have become outraged over this proposed policy, charging that it violates their right as parents to care for their children without government intrusion. “As a parent, I have fundamental rights to the care, custody, control, upbringing and information regarding my child,” said concerned parent Kay Fox, according to WBOC.

Critics of the policy also worry that it puts the privacy and safety of all students at risk, given that it will allow students to claim a certain gender so that they can access the locker rooms, showers, restrooms, and overnight quarters of the opposite sex.

“It opens Pandora’s Box,” Rep. Rich Collins said, according to Delaware State News. “It has the potential to twist schools up in knots,” he added.

Proponents of the policy however, see it as a necessarily thorough measure that will protect transgender students and minorities from discrimination.

“The comprehensive nature of the protective characteristics makes it a really good regulation. It’s very broad in terms of the groups of students it protects,” Mark Purpura, a member of the policy development team, told WBOC. Purpura did admit however, that the over 11,000 public comments submitted to Delaware’s Department of Education (DOE) regarding the policy have almost all been negative.

The state’s DOE is expected to make a decision on whether to revise the draft of the policy or to implement it as is in the coming months, and it will develop a school curriculum to introduce the policy given the latter.

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3 years ago

It’s not going to matter because by the time today’s children grow up everyone will be Muslim anyway. Adults don’t even know who their real enemies are any more. And those few who do know, do not take any action against them. Our enemies are going full forward against us all of the time. And this says nothing about the Christian religion, which has been one of the worst mistakes in human history.

3 years ago

What will JC do to people like this when he ‘comes in his kingdom’? “The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness …” Matthew 13:41 (“stumbling blocks” is a technical term referring to whatever induces people and groups of people to do bad things in any way, shape or form.) Let that be a lesson to all governing authorities. They can either be a CAUSE of the solution or a RESULT of it. I sure wouldn’t want to be a RESULT of it,… Read more »

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson
3 years ago

This comment applies to Trumps battle with the FBI, Cia, NSA and DOJ. If these 3 letter groups are so stupid that they don’t realize we are represented by Trump, not them, well then they can go straight to hell because that’s exactly where we will send them if they don’t wise up. They work FOR us. And we can destroy them since we created them.

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson
3 years ago

This applies to the insane Governor of Delaware who proposed the idea that Government can control our children’s choices. It’s time to dissolve the public school system and take our children back. This is the only inevitable outcome of the interference of government in raising our children. Raising children is the responsibility of Parents, not Government. Learning at home has been proven time and time again to be much more effective and safe. Children at home are safe from psychopaths who see them as sitting ducks while at school and from psychotic politicians who see them as a means advancing… Read more »

3 years ago

Another MORAL PERVERSION by men and women who are TRAITORS of this Republic (actually, they’re traitors of ALL HUMANITY!). They dress-up so fine, yet their hearts are filled with “greed and self-indulgence” (to quote JC). They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, to quote JC’s Apostles. The crux of the matter is: These public officials are given a TRUST by “we the people”, which they are required to FAITHFULLY discharge for the good of “we the people”. That “trust” is protecting the sanctity of a child’s developing mind and body with GOOD MORAL PROGRAMMING. Instead, as seen here, they VIOLATE THEIR… Read more »