Trump Negotiating $80 Billion Deal for Saudi Arabia to Acquire Nuclear Power

President Trump is considering a deal with Saudi Arabia allowing Westinghouse Electric, a financially strapped nuclear energy company, to build 16 nuke plants over the next 20 years, at a cost of more than $80 billion. The deal would also permit Saudi Arabia to enrich and reprocess uranium, which can be used for nuclear weapons. Congress must approve any agreement that is forged, and lawmakers will have three months to weigh in on the deal. [What in the world is Trump thinking?]

The Trump administration is considering forging a deal with Saudi Arabia allowing a financially strapped nuclear energy company to build plants in the Middle Eastern country.

Energy Department Chief Rick Perry will travel to London Friday to discuss with Saudi Arabian officials the prospect of building reactors in the kingdom, according to Tuesday Bloomberg report. The deal would also permit Saudi Arabia to enrich and reprocess uranium.

Some U.S. agreements prohibit the enrichment and reprocessing of uranium in exchange for the use of nuclear technology. Similar prohibitions scuttled nuclear deals during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

That was then; This is now. President Donald Trump’s administration, which has committed itself to protecting the coal and nuclear energy industries, wants to loosen those rules to help Westinghouse Electric and other companies win Saudi contracts.

Saudi officials plan to construct 16 nuclear power reactors over the next 20 years at a cost of more than $80 billion, according to the World Nuclear Association, a group that analyzes nuclear energy trade.

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University of Texas at Austin Antifa Group Recruiting Mentally Ill People to Battle Capitalism

Far-Left Watch says that The Revolutionary Student Front at the University of Texas in Austin is actively recruiting students with ‘mental illnesses.’   The group published a book, Turn Illness into a Weapon, that blames mental illness on capitalism.  The Antifa group aims to treat mental illness by fighting capitalism. Ergo, they recruit mentally ill people, and have admitted that some of their leaders are mentally ill.

A Texas Antifa student group hosted a six month health program to “politicize” students with “mental illnesses,” according to a Thursday report.

The Revolutionary Student Front at the University of Texas at Austin hosted a “Revolutionary Mental Health Program” “to address the mental health needs of students in a way that would primarily serve to politicize and strengthen them, to become more committed to revolution and more capable of carrying it out,” reported Far Left Watch.

The UT Austin Antifa student group based its 2017 program on “Turn Illness Into A Weapon,” a book charting the neo-Marxist Socialist Patients Collective group’s actions in Germany, which placed the blame of mental illness on capitalist oppression.

The Revolutionary Student Front sought to create a health care system that not only treated students for their mental illnesses, but also mobilized them to fight capitalism.

 “The primary method of combating the symptoms of mental illness that we face under capitalism must be organizing those suffering to come into violent class conflict with the system that creates their illness,” said the group in its 13,000-word manifesto.

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Parkland Teacher Confirms a Shooting Drill Was Planned on Day of the Event

Ernest Rospierski, a history teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, told the Associated Press he thought the shooting event was a drill at first because was warned earlier that day that a code red drill would be taking place and he believed they would be shooting blanks. He said that the shooter was wearing a mask.

Another teacher comes forward, says, a ‘Code Red drill’ went live. Did police accidentally load live ammo into the active shooter’s magazines instead of blanks? Who was the real shooter? Where is the video footage?

PARKLAND, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) — Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School history teacher Ernest Rospierski told the Associated Press he thought the Valentine’s Day massacre was a drill at first and was warned earlier that day that a code red drill would be taking place in which blanks were to be used.

The brave teacher who saved a number of his students lives on 14 February, told the AP that his students and he were at the doorway in the west stairwell of the 1200 building and were all on their way out of the building when they heard gunfire. The teacher and his pupils were trying to exit the building after the fire bell rang just seconds earlier when they became engulfed in a real-time nightmare.

“I assumed that it was a code red drill because they had told us earlier in the day that they were going to be having a code red drill,” the teacher explained. “I assumed it was blanks.”

That’s when Rospierski acted quickly to get as many students as he could to go back into the rooms while the shooter continued his rampage at the east end of the hallway.

“I heard two shots,” he said. “Those two shots would have been my friend Scott Beigel who had been shot and killed trying to save his kids.”

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Parkland Student Says They Were Warned about a Realistic Drill with Blank Gunshots

Thomas Holgate, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, said that he heard thuds, but thought that they were blanks. He thought it was a drill because for a year and a half the students were told that there was going to be a school shooter “drill” that was set to be as real as possible, shooting blanks, with a SWAT team and helicopters.

Watch the video here, and skip forward to the end at 1:06:00 where Holgate exposes the drill:

In an explosive interview with Parkland shooting survivor Thomas Holgate, a number of inconsistencies set forth by the MSM, and circumstances surrounding the shooting and the school itself were discussed, shedding further light on yet another confusing story that seems to take another twist with each passing day. Earlier today, we reported that emergency responders were told to wait outside while the children were bleeding out in the school. Soon after, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham revealed sources told her the Sheriff’s Dept instructed the Broward Deputies NOT to enter the school unless their body cameras were on.

During the interview, Holgate noted that the shooter was only in the school for approximately nine minutes, and during that time period he killed 17 people, in the chaos, and due to outdated security cameras with 20-minute delays, people were shuffling in and out of locations unaware of the shooter’s location.

That day, the students had already undergone a fire drill, to their shock another drill seemed to be underway.

Once Holgate was crowded into the auditorium with other students, he began to hear small thuds outside of the door, which he compared to the sound of “textbooks dropping”. The story then takes a dramatic turn for bizarre when Holgate states that the students thought the thuds were “blanks”. This was because for a year and a half these students was going to be a school shooter “drill” that was set to be as real as possible.

“We were told that when the drill happens, the SWAT team is gonna be there, there’s gonna be helicopters, there will be police, there will be blanks shots, so we were like, ‘Okay, this is just a drill.”

“We were told there was going to be a drill that would make it as real as possible . . . They prepared us for something that might happen at the school. It’s sick to think they’d even make us prepare for something like that.”

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Florida: Deputies Were Told to Wait Outside During Shooting Unless Their Cameras Were ‘On’



BREAKING: Ingraham=> Sheriff’s Dept Told Broward Deputies NOT to Enter School Unless Their Body Cameras Were On (VIDEO)

Seventeen children and adults were slaughtered in a mass shooting by Nikolas Cruz in a February 14th attack in Parkland, Florida.

Three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene but were standing outside the school.

On Monday night, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham revealed sources told her the Sheriff’s Dept instructed the Broward Deputies NOT to enter the school unless their body cameras were on. WOW.

Even worse, the police lost radio communications during the Parkland shooting.


“Sources are telling us that the deputies who arrived at the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on. Then we found out that the deputies did not have body cameras so they did not enter the building or engage the shooter,” Ingraham said.

Laura Ingraham also said the Police also lost radio communications during the Parkland shooting!

 Ingraham also said the source confirmed police lost radio communications during the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting (terrorist attack) in 2017.

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Christian Church Leaders Close Church at Jesus’ Burial Site Over Israeli Taxation

Jerusalem: Christian leaders closed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built where it is believed that Jesus was buried. The closing was in protest over new taxes by the Israeli government. The municipal government of Jerusalem issued an order for the seizure of church assets, including property and bank accounts, for new taxes in the amount of $186 million, that they say are owed to the government. Church officials say this is an attempt to weaken the presence of Christians in Jerusalem. -GEG

Leaders of the two largest Christian denominations in Jerusalem on Monday said the Church of the Holy Sepulchre will remain closed indefinitely to protest an Israeli attempt to tax their properties in the holy city, shuttering one of Jerusalem’s most venerable and popular holy sites.

Both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic representatives said they were blindsided by the Jerusalem municipality’s recent decision to begin taxing them and accused the mayor, Nir Barkat, of disrupting a longstanding and fragile status quo.

Anna Koulouris, an official in the chief secretariat’s office of the Greek Patriarchate, said that all major Christian denominations were united in their opposition to the Israeli move.

“They are serious,” she said. “They really want to see something change before they think about reopening the doors.”

The church, situated in Jerusalem’s Old City, is one of Christianity’s holiest sites, revered as the spot where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. It is a popular destination for tourists and Christian pilgrims from around the world.

Barkat has said the order does not affect houses of worship, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and only applies to what he calls “commercial properties” owned by the churches, including hotels and office space. He said the churches have debts of roughly $185 million.

“We will no longer require Jerusalem’s residents to bear or subsidize this huge debt,” he said in a statement. He claimed Jerusalem has a “good and respectful relationship” with all churches in the city.

But church representatives said Barkat’s hasty move threatened that relationship and that the sudden taxes would jeopardize schools, health clinics and other vital services for their local flocks.

Both Koulouris and Farid Jubran, a legal adviser to the Roman Catholic Church’s custodian of holy sites, said the churches were never formally notified of Barkat’s decision and learned of it through the media.

Both officials said they do not know how the city even calculated their debts or decided which buildings to tax.

“We’re talking about land with spiritual significance to people,” Koulouris said. “Where do you draw the line?”

 Jubran said it was especially shocking because the church has good ties with the mayor, and that at a meeting weeks before the order was issued, he made no mention of it. He said tax inspectors later arrived at a monastery and tried to seize property to collect debts until a lawyer stopped them.

“It absolutely took us by surprise,” he said. “We wake up one morning and find the municipality took unilateral action without previous notice.”

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