26-Year Old California Mayor Proposes Universal Basic Income Free Money as Solution to Poverty

California: Michael Tubbs, the 26-year old Mayor of Stockton, is the first in the US to provide a universal basic income ($500 per month) to low-income residents. Stockton was the largest city in America to claim bankruptcy during the financial crisis, it has double the state average of unemployment, and half of those working are earning minimum wage. Critics fear it will create a welfare state. [Stockton already IS a welfare state. We predict that, when the ‘experiment’ is finished, it will be seen as a colossal failure, but those who are well paid to administer the welfare state will claim that the only reason it failed is that $500 was not enough. The result will be another ‘experiment’ at $1,000, and another at $2,000, and so on to eternity.]  -GEG

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His name translates in Vietnamese to, “Won Dum Phuc”.

Sovereign Mary
Sovereign Mary

The people of Stockton, CA must all be smokin’ something that strips people of all objective and rational thought.


We know it won’t work. Therefore we are the ones who need to stop it. Politeness won’t make it stop. We need to do what will. It doesn’t have to be illegal. But action must be taken. And those who are ignorant of the need for action cannot commit the necessary action. Therefore it is up to us to do what is necessary. The choice is obvious. If we do nothing, we make possible every sort of intolerable outcome.


Oh good grief!! Yet another Doofus Mc Goofus libtard who hasn’t the foggiest of ideas about how economies actually work!! This cretin obviously hasn’t read my treatise What is Money? from 1996 yet!! Somebody needs to sit him down and read it to him if he’s too illiterate to read it himself! And he’s getting PAID for that job of Mayor?!?! Someone is getting ripped off over there, that’s for sure!!