Did Police Stand Down During Riots in Philadelphia?

February 6, 2018 Information Liberation 2

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and hundreds of fans rioted, tearing up the city and destroying property. [When you look at these videos of violence and looting, you cannot help wondering what the police were doing during this time. Is violence now tolerated in order to further condition law-abiding citizens that martial law is necessary? Please let us know if there is an explanation from police for not preventing this. That’s what they are paid to do.]

GEG Commentary

26-Year Old California Mayor Proposes Universal Basic Income Free Money as Solution to Poverty

February 6, 2018 CBS 4

California: Michael Tubbs, the 26-year old Mayor of Stockton, will provide a universal basic income ($500 per month) to low-income residents. Stockton was the largest city in America to claim bankruptcy during the financial crisis. Critics fear it will create a welfare state. [Stockton already IS a welfare state. We predict that, when the ‘experiment’ is finished, it will be seen as a colossal failure, but those who are well paid to administer the welfare state will claim that the only reason it failed is that $500 was not enough. The result will be another ‘experiment’ at $1,000, and another at $2,000, and so on to eternity.]


German Refugee Worker Admits She Was Wrong, Plans to Move to Poland

February 6, 2018 InfoWars 2

Germany: Rebecca Sommer founded the refugee aid organization Working Group Asylum + Human Rights in 2012, which welcomed refugees to her country and, along with more than 300 volunteers, taught them German to help them integrate. She believed that they were fleeing a war-torn hell. She finally understands that the migrants are invaders who have zero intention of integrating and adopting Western values. She now plans to escape to Poland, saying that it’s too late for Germany.


Ron Paul Explains what the FBI/ FISA Memo Really Tells Us about Our Government

February 6, 2018 Ron Paul 1

First, the FBI/ FISA memo demonstrates that there is a ‘deep state’ that does not want mere elections to threaten its existence. Second, the memo shows us that neither Republicans nor Democrats care about surveillance abuse of average Americans. Third, war hawks from both sides of the aisle used ‘Russia-gate’ to build animosity against Russia and bigger defense budgets for the Military-Industrial Complex. Paul advises: Be skeptical of both parties.