Delaware Proposes Allowing Children to Choose Race or Gender (Including Hormone Drugs) Without Parents’ Knowledge

February 5, 2018 Daily Caller 5

Delaware: Governor John Carney proposes a new state policy, called ‘Prohibition of Discrimination’, that allows children from K to 12 to choose their own name, race, or gender identify, and even access hormone blockers necessary to transition to the opposite sex, all without the knowledge of their parents. Parents are outraged over the proposal, and over 11,000 public comments submitted to Delaware’s Department of Education have been overwhelmingly negative. Schools in Chicago, Massachusetts and Oregon have similar policies in place.


Former FBI Agent Says the Agency Eventually Will Destroy Trump

February 5, 2018 CNN 6

Phil Mudd, a former CIA and FBI agent, says he believes the FBI will make sure the agency eventually comes out on top in a head-to-head battle with the president. Mudd says the bureau is angry about the release of the FISA memo and about Trump’s criticism of the FBI. Last year, Mudd said the “government’s gonna kill this guy”


LAX to Begin Using Facial Recognition on International Passengers

February 5, 2018 Breitbart 0

Los Angeles International Airport: The National Transportation Safety Administration and Homeland Security will launch a 3-week test using facial recognition from RFID chips in passports. Most of the official discussion is about how happy passengers will be as a result of faster processing times and shorter lines. We suspect, however, that the primary motive behind this technology is to explore a data set that can be used globally with a single search criteria (the human face). It could become the universal ID code.


Stanford University Cures Cancer with Vaccine in Mice Experiments

February 5, 2018 NY Daily News 0

Dr. Ronald Levy of Stanford University is reporting that a vaccine using two immune stimulators to target tumors in mice cured 87 out of 90 mice in the first effort and all traces of the specifically targeted cancer were eliminated from the animal’s entire body. [This is great news, not only because it appears to be effective, but because immune stimulators, if they are taken from nature, should be very inexpensive to mass produce. However, if the pharmaceutical industry follows true to form, the ‘vaccine’ will be absurdly expensive. We shall see.]

GEG Commentary

Legal Analyst Gregg Jarret Explains FBI FISA Crimes and Says Rod Rosenstein Actually Threatened the House Intel Committee

February 5, 2018 Fox News 2

The FBI and DOJ presented the dossier to the FISA court to get the wiretap warrant and signed an affidavit affirming they believed the dossier was reliable, but they knew it was funded by Democratic Party money and that the author of the dossier hated Trump. Three weeks ago, Rod Rosenstein threatened House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes and other members of Congress, saying he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the Intel Committee. [The American government has been infiltrated by an elite group of high-ranking officials in the intelligence community (the Deep State) who think they are rightfully in charge, and that Congress should just shut up and do what it is told. The bright side is there is much more to be exposed and, if the elites don’t start a hot war or trigger a banking collapse to distract public attention, it is possible that this exposure of corruption and fraud just might lead to healthy changes in Washington, DC.]


The Republican Memo Exposes How US Intelligence Agencies Betray Americans

February 5, 2018 Fox News 0

James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe signed off on the requests for FISA court authority to spy on Trump based on the fraudulent Trump dossier that was filled with lies and also was know to have been paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It is now apparent that America’s intelligence agencies no longer can be trusted. Yet, in the name of national security, they are allowed to work in secrecy and have the ultimate power to take human life. When Trump eventually leaves office, these agencies will remain. Americans should be very nervous about that.