University Professor Collects Data on American Patriots, Doxxes Them, and Gives Info to Antifa

Megan Squire, Amazon
North Carolina: Elon University computer-science professor, Megan Squire, has devised a “secret weapon” to fight “far-right extremists” on behalf of Antifa.  She’s created software to keep tabs on 400,000 Facebook accounts that she suspects to be members of the Alt-Right.  Squire developed the software for the hard-left with the admitted goal of getting right-wing patriots fired from their jobs and even possibly killed.  Antifa has been known to assault anyone they believe to be a member of the Alt-Right.  Her software is being used, not just to target racists, but to endanger those who are simply outspoken conservatives. Squire is building a database for a group that uses violence against anyone they choose to label as a “fascist” – which is anyone who opposes their agenda. -GEG

An Elon University professor has devised a “secret weapon” to fight “far-right extremists” on behalf of Antifa — she’s made software to keep tabs on 400,000 Facebook accounts whom she suspects to be members of the alt-right.

And she’s using that program to dox anyone she deems a “far-right extremist.”

A new Wired Magazine article, published on Tuesday, highlights the work of Megan Squire, a 45-year-old professor of computer science at Elon University, whose program feeds data to the hyper-partisan organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — as well as a “left-wing activist who she knew might take more radical action.”

The magazine reports that the SPLC’s analysts then use the information she gives them to “provide information to police or to reveal white supremacists to their employers, seeking to get them fired.”

 The SPLC’s penchant for recklessly referring to organizations as “hate groups” previously resulted in a domestic terror attack on the Family Research Council. The group’s headquarters was attacked in 2012 by a shooter who cited the SPLC’s “hate map,” which identified the FRC as a “hate group” alongside the Ku Klux Klan and Stormfront for its support of traditional marriage.

The anonymous left-wing activist, states Wired, posts the identities of the people whose information she gives him, along with their photographs, “for the public to do with what it would.”

Squire also shares her data with the far-left militia group, Redneck Revolt, where it reportedly “gets used in somewhat less official ways.”

“Before a neo-Nazi rally in Boston this past November, Squire provided local antifa groups with a list of 94 probable white nationalist attendees that included their names, Facebook profiles, and group affiliations,” reports Wired.

The so-called “neo-Nazi” rally, as referred to by Wired, was no more than a peaceful free speech rally held by Republican pro-Trump supporters, and conservative groups like Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech.

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Brendan Tnias
Brendan Tnias
2 years ago

People who use the terminology ‘far right extremist ‘or ‘fascists’ should be asked to define what they mean exactly because it is actually not at all clear. At present my understanding of antifa’s target demographic for violent suppression is White Americans who engage ina ny public political action or speech for their own perceived group self interests. Such White Americans are ipso facto [per antifa organizer Yvette Felarca in a 2017 interview with Tucker Carlson-now on you tube] white-supremacists racists neonazis and Must be stopped By Any Means Necessary. Ms Squire seeks to do innocent White Americans harm and opens… Read more »

11 months ago
Reply to  Brendan Tnias

That Berkley Democrat Mayor who tells Police to stand down, Ms Squire the Professor Doxxing people and sending Antifa to hurt them and this Yevette Felarca are Democrats too, I’ll bet. These people are either brainwashed by the other Marxists who infiltrated our Universities long ago, or they are just very sick people. Their ideology simply is not rational. How did so many people get this messed up? Have we all been so distracted or asleep that we just did not see what was happening to people? What is even worse, in my opinion, is that one could actually be… Read more »

1 year ago

She’ll dox someone innocent that she deems a Nazi then reality is going to hit her in the face one way or another.

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Amy Schultz
Amy Schultz
1 year ago

University Professor Megan Squire, ppl you need to know that she is Dangerous and she needs to be fired from her job . She is teaching your children how to hate and she is putting ppl’s lives at stake wanting Antifa to physically hurt or worse kill ppl that are pro Trump. Please look her up and contact her boss and let him know that she is a danger to society . She needs stopped. And I am asking anyone that has a Facebook account look up Scotty Harris he is an active patriot and he has a post on… Read more »

News: Culture War / Regressive Left – Justin Trouble
11 months ago

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