Australian Aboriginals And Supporters Publicly Display Hatred of Australia

Melbourne: Thousands of Aboriginal activists and other supporters of multiculturalism flooded the streets to protest against ‘Invasion Day’, carrying placards and shouting vulgar slogans. [Another classic example of globalists behind the scenes using the tactic of divide-and-conquer to destroy cultural unity in developed nations so they can be more easily controlled by a global government.] -GEG

Multicultural utopia = just around the corner.

From The Daily Mail:

Aboriginal activists declared Australia didn’t deserve a day of celebration and hoped the country ‘burns to the ground’ at a Melbourne rally.

Tens of thousands flooded Spring Street and Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD to protest against ‘Invasion Day’, carrying placards and shouting slogans.

They then marched down Bourke Street chanting ‘always was, always will be Aboriginal land’, ‘no pride in genocide’ and ‘our land, our law’.

Tarneen Onus-Williams told the crowd of thousands ‘f**k Australia, hope it burns to the ground’ during one of many speeches, according to the Herald Sun.

The mob also defaced a statue of renowned explorer Captain James Cook
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