Big Trouble Within NATO — Turkey Invaded Syria to Fight US-Backed Kurds

Political analyst, Jake Morphonios, says there is a potential for a new proxy war in Syria if Turkey aligns with Russia in its fight against the US-Backed Kurds.  After ISIS was defeated in Syria, the Kurds, acting on behalf of the CIA, moved in to takeover the oil fields.  Turkey, however, is fighting the Kurds in Syria because they could unite with the Kurds in Turkey to create a new state that might diminish the influence of Turkey in the region.  Since Turkey always had been a reliable ally of the US in NATO, this could be the beginning of a major global power shift that would increase the chances of conflicts between US and Russia in a spiral that leads to real war, not war between proxy forces. -GEG

Political analyst Jake Morphonios explains Turkey’s recent military invasion into Syria is intended to stop the Kurds in Turkey from uniting with the Syrian Kurds and creating their own state.   The US is arming Turkey’s enemy, the Kurds, so that they will retain control over Syria’s valuable oil fields, located near the border with Turkey.
Initially, the CIA backed ISIS and Obama’s “moderate” rebels who were, in fact, violent al-Nusra fighters, with the goal of taking over the country.  Putin stepped in and stopped the overthrow of Syria.  The CIA then switched its alliance from ISIS to the Kurds, in order to keep control over the oil fields that were occupied by ISIS near the northern border.
Turkish President Erdogan supported ISIS because they killed Kurds, and he profited from ISIS shipping stolen oil from Turkish ports.  The US is backing an enemy of NATO, our stated ally.
Turkey is a strategic NATO partner, and the US wants to keep Turkey happy.  75% of NATO troops are American, and it is used as a cover to hide US operations overseas from the American public, who likely would object to the interventions.
There has been an historic shift of alliances by Turkey, which now is turning against the US, and is becoming friendly with Russia.  The CIA played a role in the military coup against President Erdogan, and it is likely that he is not very forgiving.


James Corbett on the ‘Bitcoin PsyOp’

James Corbett explains the differences between Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital currency.  They may all sound like they are the same but they are not, and the differences are extremely important for anyone hoping to keep up with the rapidly evolving lead-up to the cashless society.  Don’t miss this one. Full transcript is provided in link. -GEG

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NY Governor to Give Illegal Aliens Medicaid Benefits and Free College Tuition While Taxpayers Struggle

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo included a provision in the state’s budget to fund free college educations for children of illegal aliens who were part of the DACA amnesty program.  The scholarships will be good at any New York State public college so long as their family income is not over $125,000. Governor Cuomo also announced that DACA recipients would receive state Medicaid coverage. -GEG

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New California Law Automatically Registers People to Vote, Even Illegal Aliens

California’s new law will, not only allow people to vote when they obtain a drivers license, but will cause them to be automatically registered, even if they are not citizens.  Ann Coulter says 60% of votes in California are done through the mail, so illegal aliens will not even need to vote.  They just need to get a driver’s license so Democrat Party staff members can mark and mail the ballots. -GEG

Ann Coulter slammed a new California policy that could open the door to illegal immigrants voting.

Starting April 1, California will automatically register to vote adults who obtain or renew a driver’s license, including potentially large numbers of noncitizens in the state. Drivers who say they are legal will have their information sent to state voter rolls unless they opt out.

Critics say this opens the door for widespread voter fraud, but defenders of the policy, like Democratic strategist Jose Aristomuno, say the state has made it clear that undocumented individuals are not allowed to vote.

“Yes, illegal aliens are big rules followers,” Coulter remarked to him on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night.

She said even before California passed the law allowing automatic voter registration, leftist groups in the state have been stealing elections with illegal immigrant votes, arguing that this policy will only make it worse.

She pointed out that approximately 60 percent of ballots in California are sent in by mail.

“It’s not even the illegal aliens who need to go and vote. Don’t worry, they’ll be voted for. You just need them registered to vote,” Coulter said.

“This is all about voting. Illegal immigration, legal immigration, … DACA, it is 100 percent about voting. At least California makes it clear.”

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Demonstrators at Women’s March 2018 Cannot Explain Why They Are There. It’s All Emotion.

The Women’s March 2018 in Los Angeles had hundreds of thousands of attendees, yet few could verbalize what they were protesting or supporting. Instead, they were driven mostly by hatred of President Trump, one woman even said her goal was to kill him It’s all on video. -GEG