UK Police Hunt Down Facebook Users Who Criticized Muslim Grooming Gangs

January 15, 2018 Breitbart 2

The Northumbria police are tracking down social media users who made “offensive” and potentially “criminal posts” about the race and religion of grooming gangs following the Operation Shelter scandal, in which young white British girls were groomed, sexually abused, and trafficked by mostly Muslim men of Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent. A spokesman from Northumbria Police said that people on social media should ensure they do not post anything that could be considered offensive.


Las Vegas Coroner Performed Autopsies on Only Half the 58 Victims

January 15, 2018 Jason Goodman 2

Citizen journalist, Laura Loomer, reports that only half of the 58 victims at the Las Vegas shooting were examined by the coroner, which likely is illegal. The reason this is important is that proper autopsies would provide information about types of bullets, weapons, and trajectories that might prove that there were multiple shooters.


FBI Documents Contain Evidence That Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was An Arms Dealer

January 15, 2018 Blackstone Intel 1

The suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock, sent emails to an account he owned offering to sell automatic weapons. These documents also show that he frequently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, which was the location of the ATF field office involved with the Mexican gun-running operation, “Fast and Furious”. Records show that, when he flew to Phoenix, he would rent a car with a large trunk and, on the same day, drive back to Las Vegas. Everything points to the possibility that Paddock was a gun runner for the ATF.