Kids Introduced to Illuminati Theory by the Cartoon Network

January 9, 2018 Paul Romano 0

The Cartoon Network’s show, Teen Titans Go, is preparing young children to recognize Illuminati symbolism and theory for world domination by banks and elitists. It’s possible the producers really don’t understand the deeper meaning of this symbolism, but it also is possible that they are hoping to prepare young minds to subliminally recognize these symbols and theories and to ‘normalize’ them in their thinking. Either way, we are including this in our news because we think you may be interested in what is being shown to our children.


Democrats: White Christian Women Need Not Apply

January 9, 2018 Information Liberation 1

The Democratic Party has published a list of desired categories for women in office. The list does not include white or Christian. Here is the order of their preferences: Black women, LGBT women, Muslim women, Disabled women, Jewish women, Latina women, Millennial women, Jewish women (listed twice), AAPI (Asian) women, and More women. The Party says the reason white and Christian are not listed is that these already are well represented. Statistically, the listed categories predominantly vote Democrat.


UK: Parliament Computers Used 160 Times Per Day to Access Blocked Pornography Sites

January 9, 2018 The Guardian 0

Between June and October, 2017, there were 24,000 attempts to access pornography on the House of Parliament’s computer network, which is used by MPs, Peers, and staff. This averages to 160 attempts each day. Blocked websites could include pornography, dating services, games, and entertainment. Officials say that most of these access attempts are not intentional but, rather, the result of malware that responds to keyword searches for other types of information.


Germany to Abandon Climate Goal – After Merkel Criticized Trump for Doing Same

January 9, 2018 Daily Caller 0

Germany will abandon its 2020 national global-warming goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions 40% below 1990 levels. This is part of a deal to form a new coalition government. It’s a major embarrassment to Chancellor Angela Merkel who criticized Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Treaty. University of Colorado professor, Roger Pielke, says that Germany’s climate goals were mathematically impossible.


Bundy Case Dismissed, Judge Orders Rancher and Sons Released

January 9, 2018 Daily Caller 1

US District Judge Gloria Navarro ruled that the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his two sons, and a supporter, will be dismissed ‘with prejudice,’ which means Bundy cannot be tried again on the same charges. In trial, prosecutors hid exculpatory evidence including a video of FBI snipers monitoring the Bundy Ranch even prior to the BLM raid, and they withheld reports that the BLM was actually trying to provoke a violent conflict to justify harsh action against the Bundys.