UK Pop Star Lied about Taking in Refugees. She Rented to Diplomats Instead

January 8, 2018 Mad World News 0

Lily Allen is a popular singer and entertainer in the UK who is known for her support of mass immigration. Last year, she welcomed several refugees into her luxury home, but then sent a request to her fans to house her and her two children over Christmas, because the foreigners would not leave her home. Later it was discovered that she did not open her home to refugees at all. Instead, she rented the property to wealthy diplomats who she claimed she could not evict because they had diplomatic immunity. She was skewered on social media for being a “champagne socialist” who advocates one policy for taxpayers and another for wealthy elitists, such as herself.


Iranian Government Arrests Former President Claiming He Incited Protests

January 8, 2018 Breitbart 0

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been banned from running for president again, and was arrested for “inciting unrest against the government” because he accused his successor of misappropriating public funds. Ahmadinejad said that Iran suffers from mismanagement, not lack of economic resources. There is no doubt that he was right, because theocratic and collectivist regimes always suffer from mismanagement, not lack of resources.

GEG Commentary

Canadian Woman Arrested in Germany for Questioning Holocaust in Video

January 8, 2018 CBC 17

Monika Schaefer, a woman from Alberta, Canada, was arrested in Germany, a country that forbids questioning the Holocaust, and is facing a 5-year prison term. The Jewish group, B’nai Brith, filed complaints with German officials against Schaefer because she committed “anti-Semitic incitement.” This was because Schaefer had made a video in 2016 entitled ‘Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong about the Holocaust.” In the video (click on link), she says she regrets reproaching her German mother for not doing something to stop the death camps.