AG Jeff Sessions Rescinded Policy That Allowed States to Decide Legality of Marijuana

January 5, 2018 CBS 2

Just as California’s law went into effect allowing the recreational sale of marijuana, and despite the fact that 40+ states allow marijuana for personal and/or medical use, AG Jeff Sessions rescinded federal guidelines that previously allowed the states to make their own policy on this issue. [The federal government continues to wage war against the marijuana industry but will not touch the problem of opioids, which is much more serious and far more deadly. Do you suppose campaign donations by Big Pharma might have something to do with that?]


US Congressman Endorses Antifa Handbook that Calls for Violence against Opponents

January 5, 2018 Conservative Review 0

Democratic Congressman, Keith Ellison, who serves as the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, endorsed a book that promotes Antifa, saying that it would “strike fear in the heart” of President Trump. Author Mark Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook is full of passages that call for violence against political opponents. The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and millions of Americans consider Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.


Member of Portland Antifa Bullied for Wanting to Cooperate with Police to Prevent Violence

January 5, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

She tried to work with the police by providing march routes and other information that could help avoid violence and keep both sides safe. Now she knows that Antifa is not a protest or reform movement but a relatively small group of professionally trained commandos seeking (with the help of their comrades in the media) to create the appearance of widespread outrage against the present administration. Antifa now considers her to be a police informant and a potential threat to others, causing her to feel suicidal.


The Rift Between Bannon and Trump Is about The Purge of Nationalists

January 5, 2018 Jake Morphonios 1

Many of our readers will not like this analysis, but it is difficult to argue with the facts presented, and it is highly recommended. Globalists prefer governing bodies that are not elected at all but are composed of administrators appointed by a group of political and financial professionals who, instead of following the wishes of the people, determine policies based on what they think is best for society. When Mr. Trump came into office, his first appointments consisted of one-third nationalists and two-thirds globalists. Since then, all nationalists, including Bannon, have been removed.

GEG Commentary

Why the Left Promotes Racism Against White People

January 5, 2018 Fox News 2

Increasingly, the Marxist narrative is that wealth and advantage among white people has come, not from productivity or creativity or self discipline or the work ethic, but from a capitalist system that exploits the working class. This narrative is an important part of the psychological conditioning of the masses – including white people – to believe that the only way to eliminate poverty and injustice is to eliminate free-enterprise capitalism and and replace it with socialism, communism, or some other variant of collectivism.