What’s the Connection Between the ​Planned Elimination of the​ Family ​and Transhumanism​?​

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YouT​ube commentator, Paul Romano, explains how motherhood has been demeaned in order to break the mother-child bond and eliminate the family in society. The purpose of this is to cause children to bond with the state instead​.  Children are encouraged to become addicted to technology as a necessary precondition for transhumanism​, which is the blending of humans and machines​.  [Don’t scoff. This process already is well underway. Your uncle’s pace-maker is just the tip of the iceberg.] -GEG​

Youtube personality and psychologist Paul Romano analyzes how and why the ruling oligarchy is attempting to wipe out motherhood.  He says motherhood is under attack because it is ​the building block of life, a connection to God, and essential to mammals.  The mother principle has been savagely attacked over the past few generations, and the result is emotionally ​damaged children with no purpose in life.  He blames this dysfunction on the weakening of the motherhood role​ and the family unit.

Romano references Dr. Joseph Shelton Pierce’s discovery that the majority of heart cells are similar to brain cells there is constant communication between the two organs.  He says that the controllers of the world are aware that mother-and-​child bonding in children’s formative years shapes their development for the rest of their lives, and this is why the oligarchy has invested untold billions of dollars to ​demean the motherhood role​ and break apart​ the family.

Romano says that the introduction of baby bottles, play pens
,​ and baby cribs are examples of ways that the controllers have separated mothers from their babies.  The feminist movement was rolled out to destabilize society,​ and Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA to create this globalist structure that pushes a narrative of dissatisfaction.

The purpose of destroying the motherhood role ​is to force children to bond with the social system (the government) and to program them during their formative years​. Among other things, this blocks development of​ the child’s ​connection to the divine.

Romano says that children spend more than 7 hours a day online. Instead of spending time with families or peers, children are in a cyber dimension that is part of a long-standing program to make them more technology oriented and to think like machines.
Ray Kurzweil, the Director of Engineering for Google, who is also a futurist in the transhumanist movement, says that, whether we want it or not,​ we are headed toward the ‘Brave New World’ of merging man with machines.

​Some g​lobalists already ​are pursuing immortality through machines, with the intent of eventually discarding the ​organic physical body.

Kurziweil is involved in the 2045 Initiative that breaks down the transhumanist movement into three​ steps: Avatar A is a robot slave that can be controlled with thoughts, Avatar B is a human mind that is inserted into an android, and Avatar C is human consciousness and personality that can be uploaded into a computer. Kurzwei believes humans will live forever in a cyber world.  2045 Initiative charges a minimum of $3 million to join.

Romano says that these super elitists don’t mind destroying the planet because they plan to live as machines​ that can withstand harsh conditions and do not need to eat.  He says this plan has been in the works for centuries.  However, the technology is only 60% of the way complete, and humanity is needed to pay for and push technology forward to execute the rest of the program.

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4 years ago

The delusion of achieving immortality through ‘machines’ dependence neglects the major factor that machines/technology are not infallible and never last ‘forever.’ Oops!

4 years ago

If I had to look in the mirror in the morning in order to shave & had to contemplate Ray Kurzweil’s ugly mug staring back at me every day…I’d want to leave my body as well…LOL!….extrapolate from there & ‘call a spade a spade’

3 years ago

I too feel guilty when I have to tell people that I was a stay at home mother. I’m very afraid of this mindset that a woman’s worth is based on what her career is. I’m angry that all these parents are forced out to work two jobs to survive and children are latchkey kids. Then all these unskilled immigrants are let in and go on welfare! This is the REAL evil at the border!