Flynn Plead​s Guilty​ to Lying to FBI but NOT to Russian Collusion. ​ Read That Again.

General Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about meeting with the Russian Ambassador. However, what the mainstream media is not reporting is this was after Trumps election, not before. Therefore, there was nothing illegal or improper about such a meeting. In fact, it was his job to do so.  Stone criticized Trump’s lawyers for bad legal advice and for ​cutting off​ contact with Flynn at a crucial time for his defense. [Once again, it appears that Trump is surrounded by moles that he appointed.] -GEG

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EU to Create Transatlantic Facial-Recognition Database with Link to US

February 24, 2020 RT 0

National police forces of 10 EU member states are calling to create a system of interlinked facial recognition databases in addition to Prüm, the EU-wide database-cross-referencing system that already allows for all-at-once scanning of individual DNA, fingerprint, and vehicle registration databases.


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I wish Trump would take a good look at who’s advising him and make some replacements. I’d like to see him have Ron Paul and Judge Napalitano advising him on returning to constitutional alignment and rebuilding our free Republic.