Alabama: Court Allows the Destruction of Digital Voting Records – ​Outrageous!

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Alabama: Doug Jones defeated Judge Roy Moore in the special election for the Senate seat. The day before the election, a Montgomery County Circuit Court issued an order directing Alabama election officials to preserve all digital ballot images created at polling places.  Less than three hours later, the state Supreme Court granted a stay on the order, thus allowing the destruction of the records. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and Ed Packard, the state A​dministrator of  E​lections, were behind the request to trash the records. They said they were afraid of hacking​.  Chris Krebs, head of the Department of Homeland Security, supported the quick destruction of voting records and said: “What I’m worried about is undermining the broader confidence in the vote. My [ideal] outcome is ensuring the American people have confidence that their vote matters when they show up to vote.” [Great rhetoric, but the destruction of ballots to prevent a recount does just the opposite. This stinks to high heaven.] -GEG

In what is being described as a “spurious,” ruling, an Alabama court says officials can destroy all digital voting records for the state’s special Senate election between Republican Judge Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. reports:

At 1:36 p.m. Monday, a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge issued an order directing Alabama election officials to preserve all digital ballot images created at polling places across the state today.

But at 4:32 p.m. Monday, attorneys for Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and Ed Packard, the state administrator of elections, filed an “emergency motion to stay” that order, which the state Supreme Court granted minutes after Merrill and Packard’s motion was filed.

By granting the stay, the court effectively told the state that it does not in fact have to preserve the digital ballot images – essentially digitized versions of the paper ballots voters fill out at the voting booth – created today.

But Priscilla Duncan, attorney for four Alabama voters who sued the state last week in an attempt to force election officials to preserve the digital records, said Tuesday that their argument was “spurious” and misleading.

Alabama attorney Priscilla Duncan blasted the decision saying, “They made a bunch of spurious arguments that they don’t have the authority to tell [election officials across the state] what to do – well, they’re already telling them what to do – and that it will cause a bunch of confusion at the polls, but the voters wouldn’t even know if they changed their retention policy.”

The ruling comes amid hacking fears, prompting Department of Homeland Security officials to boost the state’s cybersecurity.

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dennis morrisseau
dennis morrisseau
4 years ago

This shd have been appealed IMMEDIATELY on an EMERGENCY basis to the US Supreme Court….by Roy Moore whp had standing to do it……Settle this kind of crap right now –across the country–with Gorsuch on the court.