Sweden Hires Knife-Fighting Muslim Sex Predator as School Counselor

Sweden: The School of Lilla Edet hired a 25-year old Muslim migrant with a record of knife-fighting as a school counselor who, according to police, spammed students with photos of his penis. Swedish media report that he was previously convicted of trying to cut up members of a rival Arab clan during an “honor conflict”. Sweden is on track to legalizing rape and violence when committed by Muslims “because it’s their culture”. -GEG

A Swedish school hired a Muslim migrant with a knife-fighting record as a school counselor, who promptly spammed students with his penis pictures according to police.

“You will rot on my c*ck.  You will not be able to walk for two days,” he reportedly told one 14-year-old who sought his counsel at the School of Lilla Edet.

The 25-year-old Arab claims he had only “been there for” the girl.

“I have seen myself as a model for the youth and I have helped everyone who has come to me,” he said.

The Arab described himself as an “anti-racist” who intended to “create good contact with school pupils, including in connection with the living room” and “enable them to take care of their schooling,” which sounds like the plot of a porn movie.

Swedish media said he was previously convicted of trying to cut up a rival Arab clan during an “honor conflict” fueled by his mother.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill your family, I’ll send my son to burn your apartment and f*ck your daughter,” his mother reportedly told her rivals.

The Arab was later arrested when he tried to break into the clan’s home armed with knives.

As for the lewd texts, Vänersborg’s District Court apparently sentenced him to 40 days in jail and a $8,000 fine.

But shouldn’t Swedish officials also be charged for enabling sexual assaults? The country is very lax on punishing Muslim migrants for sex crimes, as Infowars has exhaustively documented.

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Cringe! Antifa Dominates Berkeley City Council Meeting on Police Force Issues

Berkeley, California: Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who has ties to BAMN/ Antifa, allowed Antifa and its supporters to dominate a meeting of the City Council and to blame recent leftist violence on so-called white supremacists and Nazis. Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood wanted the city council to authorize the police to use pepper spray on violent protesters, which he said should be preferred over using batons and physical force. This video dramatically shows the propaganda rhetoric of professional organizers, some of whom endorse communist ideology and tactics. -GEG

Legal Complaint Filed Against Hillary for $84 Million Money-Laundering Scam

The Committee to Defend the President filed a Federal Elections Committee complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign organization, the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF), the DNC, state Democratic parties, and Democratic mega-donors.  HVF solicited six-figure donations from mega-donors and routed them through state parties and ultimately into Clinton campaign coffers. An estimated $84-million may have been laundered in what might be the single largest campaign finance scandal in US history.  The complaint alleges that accounting tricks were used to launder the money, and that multiple fundraising laws were violated.  Hillary and the DNC also were served a FEC complaint in late October for hiding payment for the fake Russia dossier used against Donald Trump during the campaign. -GEG

The complaint alleges Clinton and the DNC used state chapters as straw men to go around campaign donation limits, ultimately ‘laundering,’ the funds to her presidential campaign.

Dan Backer, the general counsel behind the complaint, believes the scheme mimicked a money laundering operation.

Backer wrote in Investor’s Business Daily:

The Committee to Defend the President has filed an FEC complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic state parties and Democratic mega-donors. […]

HVF solicited six-figure donations from major donors, including Calvin Klein and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, and routed them through state parties en route to the Clinton campaign. Roughly $84 million may have been laundered in what might be the single largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history. […]

Here’s what you can’t do, which the Clinton machine appeared to do anyway. As the Supreme Court made clear in McCutcheon v. FEC, the JFC may not solicit or accept contributions to circumvent base limits, through “earmarks” and “straw men” that are ultimately excessive — there are five separate prohibitions here.

On top of that, six-figure donations either never actually passed through state party accounts or were never actually under state party control, which adds false FEC reporting by HVF, state parties, and the DNC to the laundry list. […]

HVF bundled these megagifts and, on a single day, reported transferring money to all participating state parties, some of which would then show up on FEC reports filed by the DNC as transferring the exact same dollar amount on the exact same day to the DNC. Yet not all the state parties reported either receiving or transferring those sums.


Least we forget, Hillary Clinton and the DNC were also hit with their first FEC complaint in late October for hiding the Russia dossier payment.


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