‘Racist’ Trees Cause Controversy in Palm Springs

December 27, 2017 Fox News 1

Palm Springs, California: Race-conscious activists want the city to chop down a grove of 60-year old tamarisk trees, labeling them ‘racist’, because they border a golf course and separate it from a black residential neighborhood. The claim is that the motive for planting them was unacceptable. If they had been planted to separate a white neighborhood from the golf course, that would have been acceptable but not to separate it from a black neighborhood. [Does anyone see a flaw in this proposal? Or is it a flaw in the people making the proposal?]


A Federal Judge Partially Lifts Trump’s Refugee Ban

December 27, 2017 JTA 1

US District Judge, James Robart of the federal court in Seattle, ruled that the federal government must process refugee applications for people “with a bona fide relationship to a person or entity within the United States.” This ruling was in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump’s ban was Constitutional. The lower court challenges were brought by a Jewish pro-immigration group and the ACLU.


Surging Rents: 30% of American Adults Now Live with a Roommate

December 27, 2017 ZeroHedge 0

A new study from Zillow shows that a record 30% of American single adults, up from 21% in 2005, have been compelled to take on roommates to afford monthly rent payments. High rents have resulted from central banking policies that provide low-interest loans that drive up asset bubbles (like real estate) while wage growth is minimal.