Egyptian Government Sees Population ‚ÄčGrowth as ‘Catastrophic’

December 22, 2017 Breitbart 0

Egypt is the Arab world‚Äôs most populous country, with 96 million inhabitants, which is expected to reach 119 million in 2030. Egypt is mostly uninhabitable desert, so people are concentrated near the Nile. Many ‚ÄčEgyptians view children as caretakers for their parents in old age. Poor families view children as sources of income. The standard of living is declining,‚Äč and the government is promoting the slogan “two is enough.”


UN Vote Condemns US Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

December 22, 2017 ZeroHedge 0

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn President ‚ÄčTrump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on the US to withdraw the decision. The vote was 128 countries rebuking Trump, with 35 countries abstaining, and only nine countries, including ‚ÄčIsrael and the US, voting in favor of the new capital. Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN,‚Äč said she would note which countries opposed Israel and ‚Äčthe US. Trump threatened to cut off US foreign-‚Äčaid to those countries.


UK: Children Must Take Sex‚Äč-‚ÄčEd Classes ‚ÄčThat Favorably Teach Gay and Transgender Issues‚Äč‚Äč

December 22, 2017 Daily Caller 1

The Department of Education announced that all 5- to 16-year-old students will be required to take sex-ed classes that are “sensitive” to all sexualities and identities. Critics say that children are too young to understand adult sexual relationships such as homosexuality and transgenderism, so the “appropriate” understanding will be taught based on the social and ethical standards of government employees, including those who are gay and transgender. Input is invited from parents, but opposing views are not welcome.


US Drug Deaths ‚ÄčRose by 21% Over Last Yea‚Äčr‚Äč Causing Drop in US Life Expectancy‚Äč

December 22, 2017 Breitbart 0

US deaths from drug overdoses skyrocketed 21% last year, and for the second straight year dragged down American life expectancy. The government figures put drug deaths at 63,600, up from about 52,000 in 2015. For the first time, the powerful painkiller Fentanyl, and its close opioid cousins, played a bigger role in the deaths than any other legal or illegal drug, surpassing prescription pain pills and heroin. The highest drug death rates were in ages 25 to 54.


Judge Declares Mistrial in Bundy Ranch Case, Says Govt Willfully Withheld Evidence‚Äč

December 22, 2017 ZeroHedge 0

Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial ‚Äč(‚Äčinstead of dismissing charges‚Äč)‚Äč in the Bundy Ranch case saying US prosecutors willfully withheld critical evidence from the defense. Prosecutors maintained the FBI was not involved in the standoff and that no video surveillance or sniper teams were used. They charged defendants with making false claims about snipers and videos in order to incite militia ‚Äčgroups to their defense. All of Bundy’s claims were true, and the government was lying. Judge Navarro will decide if all charges will be dismissed at a hearing on Jan. 8.