FBI ​Deputy Director McCabe ​Called to ​Testif​y Amid Calls for His Removal

December 21, 2017 Fox News 0

Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis says the discredited dirty dossier against Trump could have been used as an “insurance policy” by the deep state to keep Trump from taking office. High-​level officials from the FBI and DOJ have refused to answer when asked​ if the FBI helped to pay for the dirty dossier and whether the dirty dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. DeSantis says that the only reason to refuse to answer these questions is that the answer is ‘yes’​.


Litecoin Founder Cashes Out, Sells Entire Stake After 9,300% Rally

December 21, 2017 ZeroHedge 0

Charlie Lee, the creator of the world’s fifth-biggest cryptocurrency, Litecoin, announced that he was cashing in his profits after a 9,300% rally in the past 12 months. The San Francisco-based software engineer who founded Litecoin in 2013 said he sold and donated all of his holdings over the past few days. He declined to say how many Litecoins he sold, but said it was a small amount of what is traded daily, so it did not hurt the currency.


South Africa to Expropriate Land from Whites and Nationalize Its Reserve Bank

December 21, 2017 Reuters 1

South Africa: The African National Congress, which is the ruling Communist Party of South Africa, announced its intention to expropriate land from white settlers without compensation. It also declared that the nation’s ​privately-held Reserve Bank must be wholly owned by the state. ​These announcements sent the rand, also known as the ZAR, plummeting on the currency exchange.


The ​Pharmaceutical CIA: How Sewage and Pollution Became ​Treatable Diseases

December 21, 2017 Jon Rappoport 0

Waste from industrialized pig farms are kept in open-air pits called lagoons and farmers spray ​it on their crops as fertilizer. Hogs produce ten times the fecal waste by weight as humans. Industrialized pig farms should have their own sewage treatment plants, but the cost would be so high that pork would be priced out of the market. The CDC has become a front for the pharmaceutical cartel and blames filth-related diseases on ‘newly discovered viruses’, and then invents toxic vaccines supposedly to combat the viruses.