What’s the Connection Between the ‚ÄčPlanned Elimination of the‚Äč Family ‚Äčand Transhumanism‚Äč?‚Äč

December 20, 2017 Paul Romano 3

YouT‚Äčube commentator, Paul Romano, explains how motherhood has been demeaned in order to break the mother-child bond and eliminate the family in society. The purpose of this is to cause children to bond with the state instead‚Äč. Children are encouraged to become addicted to technology as a necessary precondition for transhumanism‚Äč, which is the blending of humans and machines‚Äč. [Don’t scoff. This process already is well underway. Your uncle’s pace-maker is just the tip of the iceberg.]

GEG Commentary

Forget Fear of Overpopulation. ‚Äč Half the World‚Äč’s Population Groups Are Declining

December 20, 2017 IUSSP 0

The UN estimates that almost half of the world’s population lives in countries with below replacement fertility rates. The main clusters of low fertility generally ‚Äčare found in advanced and industrialized regions. The big story here is that all the hand-wringing over an overcrowded future planet is scientifically unfounded. If the current trend continues, it is even possible that mankind soon will be worried about population shrinkage and underproduction.


UN Troops May Be Deployed on the Streets of Chicago to Stop Mass Gun Violence

December 20, 2017 InfoWars 2

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is considering putting UN soldiers on the streets to combat gun violence, saying that UN ‘peacekeeper‚Äčs’‚Äč, would be more suited to patrolling the streets than the US National Guard because they are better ‚Äútrained‚ÄĚ for the role. ‚Äč[That means they are more likely to obey orders to shoot Americans.] ‚ÄčEarlier this year, President Trump suggested deploying the National Guard in troubled areas of Chicago, but his idea was fiercely opposed by Democrats.


‚ÄčLead BLM Investigator Blows Whistle, Exposes Gov‚Äôt Conspiracy Against Bundy Family

December 20, 2017 The Free Thought Project 0

Nevada: Larry Wooten, a lead investigator for the Bureau of Land Management into its 2014 attempt to force ‚Äčthe Bundy family off their cattle ranch, submitted a memo to the Department of Justice that exposed BLM bias, corruption, and persecution of the Bundy family. The memo included the fact that the BLM failed to turn over important evidence that could have helped the defense of 19 defendants who consequently have spent two years in prison.


EU Commissioner Says Mass Third World Immigration Must Be the ‘New Norm’

December 20, 2017 Breitbart 0

The EU claims that it is necessary for Europe’s economy to continue importing people from poor third-world countries. However, people from non-European backgrounds living in Europe are much more likely to be unemployed or low wage earners‚Äč. The newcomers will need to be provided with education, health care, shelter, food, and vocational training. The goal of the globalists is to mix people from divergent cultures in order to destroy national identity and create internal conflict. This eliminates the once-proud and independent nation states and makes them easy to absorb into a global welfare and police state.