Another Biased Lawyer Discovered on Mueller’s Witch Hunt Investigation Team

December 8, 2017 Fox News 0

More bias in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Trump collusion investigation has been discovered as a lawyer on his team, Aaron Zebley, was once an attorney for Hillary Clinton’s IT aide Justin Cooper. Zebley, described as Mueller’s ‘right hand man’, played a defense role and a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, and is now playing an offense of role and a federal investigation against President Trump.


Philadelphia: Democrats Support Removal of Plexiglass Barriers in High Crime Area Shops

December 8, 2017 Information Liberation 0

A bill has passed Philadelphia’s Public Health and Human Services Committee requiring shops that sell food to remove bulletproof barriers that were installed to protect shopkeepers in high crime areas​. City​ Councilwoman Cindy Bass says she is behind the ban because the barriers are an indignity and an insult to the mostly African American population.


Why Moving the Capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Could Cause World War

December 8, 2017 End Times News Report 2

Commentator, ​Jake Morphonios, says that ​President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a provocative move toward war with Iran, and a proxy war with Russia and China. He supports this claim by reviewing the ancient history of that land contrasted with the relatively recent claims by the Israeli state. Many people believe that Jerusalem has been the capital of the kingdom of Israel for 3,000 years, but ​biblical records show that Jerusalem has been the capital for less than 150 years.