20,000 Protesters in Tel Aviv Rally Against Netanyahu, Who Is Accused of Corruption

December 5, 2017 Newsweek 0

Israel: An estimated 20,000 people shouted “shame!” in protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is accused of taking bribes from wealthy campaign contributors in exchange for political favors and for​ trying to block the investigation. Members of Netanyahu’s Likud party introduced legislation that would ban police from sharing the conclusions of their investigations with those in political office. This would effectively nullify the investigations regardless of outcome.


Trump Returns 2 Million Acres of Land Under Federal Control to Utah

December 5, 2017 Daily Caller 0

Trump cut the size of ​national monuments in​ Utah, removing federal restrictions against development of two million acres of land. Supporters chanted “four more years!”, while demonstrators complained that it was a sell-out to industrial interests who want to destroy the land for profit. [In truth, industrial interests have been destroying the land for profit with the approval of federal agencies for many years. The notion that the federal government is a brake against exploitation of resources is absurd.]​