19 Men in Mainstream Media Have Lost Their Jobs Following Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

December 1, 2017 Breitbart 0

Scores of men in mainstream media, including Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keillor, and many more, have been fired ‚Äčafter being accused of sexual harassment, groping, and sexual assault. [It is hard to know to what extent the accusations are valid or to what extent they may have been exaggerated but, judging by the common response from associates who say “Everyone knew”, it appears that most of the accusations are based on fact.

GEG Commentary

Texas State University Student Op-Ed Calls for the Death of the White Race

December 1, 2017 Breitbart 2

Rudy Martinez wrote an article ‚Äčin the taxpayer funded school’s newspaper, demonizing the white race. He wrote: “Y‚Äčour DNA is an abomination” and “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist.” ‚Äč[‚ÄčUniversities and colleges aggressively censor “hate speech’ unless it comes from Marxist agitators seeking to lure innocent people into racial conflict and, ultimately, violence. Race war is their goal.]

GEG Commentary

‘White Racism’ Courses Being Taught at University

December 1, 2017 DailyMail 1

The real goal of Marxist recruiters ‚Äčis not to combat racial hatred but to create it. Why? Because the fastest way to destroy Western culture and convert it to the collectivist bee hive advocated by Marx and Lenin is to create hatred and division among all cross-sections of society‚Äč: religion, gender, wealth, and race‚Äč. It is time to unite in common cause against the greatest discriminator, hater, and destroyer of all time‚Äč, collectivism. (Click for full commentary by GE Griffin)


Illegal Alien Found ‘Not Guilty’ for Shooting Woman on San Francisco Pier

December 1, 2017 DailyMail 0

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican illegal alien, who admitted to shooting Kate Steinle in the back, claimed that he was ‚Äčmerely ‚Äčholding the gun when it accidentally fired. The only charge of which he was convicted was being a felon in possession of a weapon! Federal immigration authorities filed a request to detain him for deportation once again, but the San Francisco jail released him instead, which is why he was able to kill Kate Steinle. San Francisco is a sanctuary city.