Wakeup Call: ​ Why Leftists Always Win

Stefan Molyneux will shock your sensibilities at several levels with this analysis of why the collectivist left always wins. (This applies to all types of collectivists – Nazis, Fascists, etc. – but that is another issue.) There is some gutter language here, but that is overshadowed by Molyneaux’s hammer blows against dignified and non-controversial opposition to the relentless, violent, and murderous collectivist left. Hear him out and judge for yourself. -GEG


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In America, Hate Hoaxes Far Exceed Actual Hate Crimes

February 20, 2019 Fox News 1

Tucker Carlson reviews the long record of Hate Hoaxes in America. Collectivist leaders on both the left and the right want to weaken the country with disunity and violence because divided populations are easier to manipulate and rule.


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Interesting presentation. I take issue w/his choice of words: He says “the left has more integrity in their approach”, and “the left has values”. Let’s get one thing straight: The left has ZERO “values”, and the left has ZERO “integrity”. (Same with the right, for that matter, but that’s a different discussion.) Values and integrity, as he says, are based on “Christianity”. The ideas (= propaganda), words (= lies) and actions (= violence) of the left are WAY outside the standards (= “values” and “integrity”) of Biblical Christianity. In case anybody wants to argue about where “Christian values” originate, there… Read more »


Another thing about the left: There’s a very certain reason why they’ve been winning the war for over a century. It’s b/c they OWN AND OPERATE all levels of society, including government. When you try to stand up to government, you will never win, either in legal battles, political battles or physical battles. They’re just too big and powerful. When you stand up to the corporate hegemony, you will never win for the same reasons. Government and corporations are allies. So the idea that the MORALLY GOOD people can win this “war” is preposterous. The reason is very simple: Morally… Read more »


Finally, it’s like Stefan says, you choose your friends based on your values. Pick them with like values, and you have a winning relationship, esp. your spouse. However, try to find people with the same values on the right. You have anything from anarchists (like Marc Stevens) to white supremacists (like the neo-Nazis) on the extreme right, to libertarians and free enterprise capitalists on the left. You have the Mormons and LDS somewhere near the middle, but they have their complex matrix of “religion” that most “orthodox” Christian denominations consider to be a “cult”. Another example is Ron Paul: You… Read more »


“Morality is the ultimate aspect of God, which must be destroyed before reconstruction can begin,” Albert Camus The Rebel (p. 62)