Smoking Gun: High Levels of Aluminum in Autistic Brains Triggers Autism

A new study from Professor Chris Exley of Keele University in England links autism to aluminum in the brains of autistic children.  The study found that the lowest dosage of aluminum, at 200 mcg, actually ​delivered more aluminum to the brain than a higher dosage. The reason for this has not been studied but may be because the body attempts to isolate aluminum before it gets to the brain, and this protective action mat respond more quickly at higher dosages. In other words, low dosages may be more able to slip past the immune system and get to the brain before the body becomes aware of the need to respond. The size of the aluminum particles also are believed to play a role in this reverse-dosage relationship because of the fact that smaller particles pass more easily through the blood-brain barrier. The US government has given legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers so they cannot be sued for any damage to children from vaccines. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

Del Bigtree, the producer of the documentary Vaxxed!, explains the importance of a new study by Professor Chris Exley of Keele University in England that found massive levels of aluminum in the brains of five deceased ​autistic children, in the first time that autistic brains have been dissected.  Aluminum is an adjuvant.  Adjuvants are additives in vaccines that artificially inflame the immune system to provoke a response.  Aluminum from vaccines may also be linked to senility in the elderly, and other diseases and conditions like ADD, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction and more.  The study found that the lowest dosage, at 200 mg, was the most toxic, and may be correlated to the size of the particles and their ability to pass the blood/ brain barrier.
Mandatory vaccines are being rolled out in the private sector for health care workers with the goal of vaccinating the entire US population so that pharmaceutical companies may enjoy stratospheric profits.
Del reports that there has been a 1000% increase in settlements for flu vaccine injuries from the secretive vaccine court over the past two years.  When someone sues for vaccine injuries, the manufacturer has legal immunity from law suits. Instead, the government assumes the liability, and the huge settlements are paid by taxpayers, not the drug companies or their stockholders.  The US Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for vaccine testing.  Therefore, the government is not motivated to perform tests that show vaccines are harmful. If it did, the results of the tests would be used in court and would open the gates for billions of dollars in additional lawsuits.
Drug manufacturers are skewing vaccine safety tests.  Del says that the HPV genital wart vaccine given to teens is tested by giving one group the vaccine and the control group is infected with an aluminum adjuvant instead of a harmless placebo.  Despite the disastrous results, the vaccine was deemed safe because there were about the same number of people hurt by both injections that contained aluminum.  In that way, they could claim that there was no increase in autism rates​ among vaccinated kids compared to those who did not receive the vaccine.
The mainstream media is silent about all of this.

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