Democrat Congressman​, Bob Brady,​ Is​ ​Accused of Giving His Opponent $90K to Drop Out of the Election

Pennsylvania: Democrat Congressman​,​ Bob Brady​,​ is accused by federal authorities of paying $90,000 to convince a fellow Democrat, Judge Jimmy Moore, to drop out of the 2012 race.  Brady also ​is ​accused of creating fake businesses with Moore and laundering the money​ to him in that fashion​.​ -GEG​

Sean Hannity reacted to breaking reports that one of the most powerful people in Pennsylvania Democratic politics reportedly paid for an opponent to drop out of an election.

Congressman Bob Brady (D-Pa.) is accused by federal authorities of paying $90,000 to convince a fellow Democrat to drop out of the 2012 race, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Brady, who represents much of South Philadelphia and the River Wards, was to face former Judge Jimmie Moore in the primary until he later bowed out.

Brady later won his general election in the heavily Democratic district against John Featherman (R), a realtor and 2011 candidate in the Republican mayoral primary.

“Sounds like Democrats love rigging elections,” Hannity said, adding that Brady is also accused of lying to authorities about the alleged incident.

Geraldo Rivera said Brady feared that Moore, who is black, had a shot at beating him in a district with a large minority population.

“[Brady allegedly] engineered a scheme… whereby they couldn’t just give the insurgent candidate $90,000, so they created fake businesses and they laundered the money,” Rivera said.

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