Smoking Gun: High Levels of Aluminum in Autistic Brains Triggers Autism

November 29, 2017 InfoWars 1

The study found that the lowest dosage of aluminum, at 200 mcg, actually ‚Äčdelivered more aluminum to the brain than a higher dosage. Low dosages may be more able to slip past the immune system and get to the brain before the body responds. The size of the aluminum particles also are believed to play a role as smaller particles pass more easily through the blood-brain barrier. The US government has given legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers so they cannot be sued for any damage to children from vaccines.


Dem Congressman Arranged Taxpayer-Funded ‚Äč’‚ÄčSeverance Package‚Äč’‚Äč For Staffer to Silence Claims of Bad Drunken Behavior

November 29, 2017 Gateway Pundit 0

Rep. Raul Grijalva spent $48,395 from taxpayer funds to buy the silence of a former female staffer who threatened a lawsuit claiming Grijalva was frequently drunk and created a hostile workplace environment in 2015. Democrat Rep. Al Green is also under fire following reports he had sex with a drug-addicted staffer and then sued her in 2008 after she threatened to go public with the encounter.