Another Mole: ‚ÄčSecretary of State Rex Tillerson Pushes the Transgender Agenda and Opposes Trump Policies

November 27, 2017 Real News 1

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson advocates admitting gay boys to the Boy Scouts and accepting ‚Äčgay men and transgender men as Boy Scout leaders. Rex Tillerson also promotes the climate-‚Äčchange hoax and the Paris Climate Accord. Why are people from the George W. Bush administration now in the Trump administration? Did Trump make a ‘deal’ with Henry Kissinger (on behalf of Rockefeller) early in the presidential campaign?


Bitcoin Surges Over $9‚Äč,‚Äč500 After Korean Bank Tests Crypto Wallet for Customers

November 27, 2017 ZeroHedge 1

Bitcoin makes another dramatic advance‚Äč, this time‚Äč above $9,‚Äč500 as Korea’s second largest bank, Shinhan Bank, tested Bitcoin services for its clients. The bank intends to manage and issue the private keys of bitcoin addresses and wallets. Shinhan ‚Äčis no small enterprise with ‚Äč$192-‚Äčbillion in assets and over 13,000 employees in 2016. Bitcoin now has a market cap over $156‚Äč-‚Äčbillion, leaving the cryptocurrency worth more than Merck, Disney, and GE.

GEG Commentary

“Out of Control Genocide” in Baltimore, Residents Want Martial Law

November 27, 2017 ZeroHedge 2

Baltimore has the highest homicide rate in the United States. Officials blame the violence and crime on poverty, however, drug use (financed by welfare), the media narrative of entitlements, and lack of law enforcement are not considered. Earlier this year, Mayor Catherine Pugh, called in the Federal Government in hopes to restore order. Most people are looking forward to martial law. {Study this scenario carefully. It is the model that is planned for all America.]


The ‚ÄčUgly ‚ÄčTruth About Net Neutrality: Google and Facebook Will Be Exempt from Regulations

November 27, 2017 InfoWars 1

‘Net neutrality’ is a scam that targets signal carriers, like Verizon and AT&T for strict regulations while content carriers, like Facebook, Google and Youtube, are exempt. They scare the public into thinking that ‘net neutrality’ will protect them from being gouged by high priced, multi-tier bandwidth packages. George Soros and the Ford Foundation spent an estimated $72 million since 2006 to control the Internet. ‘Net neutrality’ is used to gain support from those who do not understand the deeper issues of fair cost and censorship.


Nurse Fired for Tweeting that White Mothers Should Sacrifice Their Sons to Wolves

November 27, 2017 Heavy 0

Taiyesha Baker, a newly-hired nurse employed by Indiana University Health, was fired after making this racist tweet, ‚ÄúEvery white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves Bitch.”