The Clinton Foundation Is Used to Fund Grand Scale Fraud Across the World

November 22, 2017 Real News 0

The Foundation has never properly filed a tax return and is operating illegally. Hillary used Foundation money to take over the Democratic party before she announced her bid for the presidency- and the Clintons used the FBI to get ​information to use against their enemies. Ortell says their business model is: de-fang the regulator, hire a crooked accounting firm, threaten your enemies, and reward your friends.


Minnesota College Calls Police on Student Who Said ‘Tranny’ on the Radio

November 22, 2017 Daily Caller 0

The University changed its position and said there had been complaints that the young men were drunk on the air. Neither saying ‘tranny’ nor drunk broadcasting is a violation of FCC rules. Watch the video and you will see that the boys are not drunk, and the only reason given to them for being evicted is that they used the word ‘tranny’.


US Representative​,​ John Conyers, 88, Accused of Sexual Harassment, Victim ​Receives $27K ​from ​Taxpayer​s ​

November 22, 2017 Daily Caller 0

Conyers denies the allegations, but other staffers attest to his harassment of women and rewarding them with raises in salary for acquiescence. The $27K settlement was processed through payroll, as if his accuser was a ‘temporary employee’ to cover up the use of taxpayer funds for this purpose. In March of 2010, Conyers’ wife, Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers, was sentenced to 37 months in prison for bribery.


Liberals and Feminists Throw​ing Clintons Under the Bus to​ Hide Past Support

November 22, 2017 Fox News 0

Here is an overview of the liberals and feminists who all of a sudden are condemning the Clintons for their past illegal and immoral activities. The list is notable in that all of them knew about the Clinton transgressions while they were happening but chose to cover for them and attack their victims, instead. The roll call is impressive.