The Saudi Purge Is ​Far More Important Than It Seems. ​Here’s Why.

James Corbett puts all the pieces of the puzzle together relating to the recent Saudi Purge.  In doing so, he reveals a larger picture of the shifting balance of global political and economic power.  The details are fascinating and profound- fascinating because of the hidden forces that are exposed- and profound because they allow us to see into the near future in which the US Petro-Dollar may be replaced by the Chinese “Petro-Yuan” – and this could lead to a real world war for global dominance. [This analysis runs for 55 minutes but it is worth every minute spent.] – GEG

Summary by JW Williams

The ‘Saudi Purge’ began on November 4th, as a missile from Yemen was intercepted on its way to Saudi Arabia. On the same day that Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri resigned from office and his yet to be leave Saudi Arabia. Under the orders of the crown prince, 32-year old Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), eleven Saudi princes and hundreds of government officials have been rounded up and divested of their holdings worth $800 billion. One of the princes died trying to escape in a helicopter. The purge was preceded just a week earlier by a visit from Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The King of Saudi Arabia is reported to be senile and appointed his son, MBS, to take over after the CIA thwarted the coup against Qatar. MBS has many enemies, including his army that is in an uproar. MBS started the disastrous war in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia claims that Lebanon declared war on them to use as an excuse to get rid of Hezbollah, a political party and military force in Lebanon. Hezbollah helped to fight ISIS and has ties with Iran. The Saudis have allied with Israel to take down Lebanon in its proxy war against Iran.

A new resistance force, Syria, Iran, China and Russia, who share a common cause, stand to benefit economically in opposing the Saudis, Israel and the US who have been stirring up trouble.

China is pursuing a stake in Saudi oil, which may usurp the US petro-dollar with gold-for-oil swaps and the Chinese petro-yuan. Economic collapse could lead to a world war with China.

Moroccan Muslims Rioted in Brussels, Stores Looted, ​Police Did Nothing

Hundreds of Moroccan Muslims flooded the streets of Brussels, breaking windows, looting, and starting fires.  The press says this was in response to the news that Morocco had qualified for the World Cup in soccer.  [The media would have us believe that, if Morocco had failed to to qualify, the rioters would have been peaceful.  Absurd!  These people came to riot, and it had nothing to do with soccer.]  Local police stood by watching and appeared to not have made any arrests. -GEG

Last week Moroccans rioted in Brussels after Morocco qualified for the World Cup.

Hundreds of Moroccans flooded the streets, broke windows and started fires.

Part of the City Center was damaged.
A Christmas market was attacked.

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Twitter ​Blocks Accounts of White Nationalists and ‘Far Right’

Twitter has teamed up with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to crackdown on the Alt-Right movement by kicking them off the platform, thus preventing their views from being heard by the mainstream public.  Twitter will be monitoring user;s behavior “on and off the platform” and will suspend a user’s account if they affiliate with violent organizations.  Although they cite white supremacists as hate groups they seek to marginalize, Twitter makes no mention of leftist violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  -GEG

Twitter to neo-Nazis: you have until December 18

Twitter is cracking down on hate speech and not just by looking at its own site.

“You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes,” the update reads.

Twitter isn’t taking action immediately. Rather, it’s given users until December 18, 2017 when it will then begin enforcing the rule. The month-long wait is due to regulations in the European Union that require companies to inform users of a new policy change 30 days prior to enforcement.

The Dec. 18 deadline also applies to using “hateful images or symbols” in profile images or profile headers. Twitter will also monitor for hate speech in usernames, display names, and profile bios.

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Excerpt from

The alt-right crackdown came less than a week after Twitter verified and then quickly unverified the account of Charlottesville “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler.

 None of this was a coincidence, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which hosted some of the tech industry’s most powerful companies at its “Never Is Now” anti-hate speech summit in San Francisco on Monday.

Reps from Twitter joined others from Facebook, Google, Reddit and several more tech giants at the anti-cyber hate event, three days before Twitter’s mass unverification process took place.

“Twitter just wanted to remove what most people interpret as a seal of approval from these accounts,” Oren Segal, director of the ADL’s Center on Extremism told said Thursday. “These companies have to decide for themselves what their role is in how people are going to use and support their services.”

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The ‘Knockout Game’ Never Went Away and People Are Dying

Colin Flaherty defines the ‘knockout game’ as “someone beating the hell out of someone else just for the hell of it.”  It has never gone away, he says, although the media downplay it.  Most of these attacks are driven by racial hostility directed by blacks against whites.  [It is uncomfortable for us to carry this story because of the possibility of being falsely accused of being racist.  Yet, these things really are happening and to ignore them to be politically correct is not honest journalism.  We welcome reader opinion on this.]  -GEG

The “knockout game” is back.

In fact, it never really went away.

It’s when mostly black youth randomly attack pedestrians and knock them unconscious, and it is once again raising fears around the country. In Pittsburgh recently, a woman was brutally assaulted and knocked unconscious. No passerby stopped to help the woman; indeed, some stopped to take “selfies.” The victim was left to lie on the ground until she regained consciousness.

A similar attack occurred soon afterward in New York City, when a 43-year-old man was sucker punched by a teen attacker outside a Shake Shack. The teen reportedly took a selfie with the victim afterward.

The attack was reportedly planned, according to witnesses, as a group threw water and milkshakes at the victim before the attacker delivered the knockout punch. Police also reportedly said the attack was part of a “contest” among a group of teens.

Three black men are also being sought in a “knockout game” assault on a 53-year-old woman in late September.

One of the men reportedly exclaimed, “I’m gonna do it” before hitting the woman, causing swelling and bleeding. A wanted poster with pictures of the three suspects has been distributed by the police, but no arrests have been reported.

Colin Flaherty, the independent reporter who helped expose the “knockout game” through his online videos and his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” says it is interesting how the mainstream media no longer denies the existence of this “game.”

“Contrary to what some reporters wish, the ‘knockout game’ is not some organized activity like cribbage,” Flaherty told WND. “There are no rules about saying a certain thing or doing a certain thing.

“When I first started reporting on the knockout game for WND a few years ago, every story about the ‘knockout game’ would carry a reminder that most people thought the game was a myth, a lie, concocted by yours truly for my own nefarious reasons. But what is interesting about the coverage of the recent episodes of this mostly black-on-white violence in the New York and Pittsburgh areas is that these ritual announcements that used to accompany these articles are gone.”

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Bitcoin ​Rises to $8,000, Another Record ​High

Bitcoin has soared above $8,000 following the military coup in impoverished Zimbabwe.  In anticipation of the value of the decline in Zimbabwe currency, citizens are rushing into cryptocurrency, which has bid up the price of Bitcoin.  Last week, Bitcoin was $5,900.  Now it is valued at $8,040.

With Bitcoin trading at $13,499 on Golix, the chaotic environment in Zimbabwe has spread to the global price of the cryptocurrency driving it beyond $8000 for the first time in history as President Mugabe fails to resign in a national address following the nation’s coup.

It appears many Zimbabweans have found an alternate way to store/transfer wealth away from Mugabe’s prying (and confiscatory) eyes.

In September we noted the hyperbitcoinization occurring in Zimbabwe. In October, Zimbabwe demand started to impact the global price of the cryptocurrency, and two weeks ago we noted the doubling of the price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe as uncertainty about the nation’s stability sent citizens into a decentralized currency that was out of Mugabe’s reach.

Now, after the ‘successful’ military coup but failure of Mugabe to resign – as expected – Bitcoin is trading at over $13,499 on Zimbabwe exchange Golix – a premium of over 80% over the USD exchange price as demand surged.

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