AG Jeff Session​ May Review ​Hillary’s Email Case ​And Asks Deputy AG Rosenstein ​to Participate — But Rosenstein May Be Compromised

US Representatives Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Andy Biggs called on Attorney General Sessions to investigate Clinton’s email crimes and Loretta Lynch’s role in helping to bring a Russian lawyer into the US to set up Trump Jr. to make it look like Russian collusion.  Sessions agreed to review the case with the help of Rod Rosenstein, his Deputy AG — but Rosenstein is a witness to those crimes and may, himself, be compromised.  [It is not likely that a meaningful investigation will ensue.] -GEG

Three US lawmakers went on with Lou Dobbs on Monday to discuss the corruption in the Department of Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Louie Gohmert, and Rep. Andy Biggs called on Attorney General Sessions to investigate the glaring Clinton crimes.

The disgruntled Republican lawmakers are beginning to voice the same displeasure over the inaction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as many conservatives have for months.

The calls for Sessions to investigate the corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton and James Comey are growing louder.

As Josh Caplan reported earlier — GOP Congressmen Jim Jordan and Matt Gaertz called on Sessions to probe the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton private email use or resign.

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Children Are Being Indoctrinated in the Drag Queen Culture

Infowars reporter, Millie Weaver, went to the Austin International Drag Festival to investigate how children are being indoctrinated into fetish lifestyles. The drag festival was sated with raunchy language and provocative dancing with very young children participating.  The afternoon event climaxed with a burlesque dance from an 11-year-old transgender boy. -GEG

Stefan Molyneux Analyzes the Accusations Against Judge Roy Moore (R-AL), Senatorial Candidate

Stefan Molyneux analyzes the scandal around Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate in the senate race in Alabama who is accused of initiating sexual contact with young women 40 years ago.  Molyneux sifts out the the truth by answering these four questions: Is there a motive?  What is the character of person making allegations?  Timing?  Are the people who are broadcasting the allegations consistent in their moral outrage?  Nice job, Stefan.  -GEG

Judge Roy Moore is a West Point graduate, Vietnam vet, and Constitutional scholar who is the Republican candidate in the Senate race in Alabama.  The Washington Post published allegations by four women who have accused Moore of initiating sexual contact with them in the late 1970s and early 1980s when he was a district attorney in his early 30’s, and they were teenagers.  Leigh Corfman claims she had sexual contact with Moore when she was 14; the others were above the age of consent.  The timing is highly suspect because the accusers waited almost 40 years to come forward, and did so one month before an important election.  The Washington Post has endorsed Moore’s opponent, and some GOP senators have called for Moore to step down.  Corfman has had problems with drugs and alcohol, she tried to commit suicide when she was 16 years old, she had three marriages and financial issues.
In comparison, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is currently on trial for corruption and has been accused of hiring child prostitutes.  His trial has been going on for two months, but it has not been mentioned even once by ABC, NBC and CBS evening news shows.  This is the first time a sitting US senator has faced a corruption trial since 1981.  None of Menendez’ fellow Democrats have called for him to step down. 
It is important to note that the Washington Post sought out the accusers while they endorsed Moore’s opponent, a Democrat.  The Washington Post is no longer publishing journalism, but by attempting to find dirt on candidates, the paper is engaging in political activism.  The Washington Post is owned by globalist Jeff Bezos.

Law Professor Pens NY Times Article Warning His Sons to Be Suspicious of White People

Ekow N. Yankah, a law professor at Yeshiva University, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times entitled, “Can My Children Be Friends with White People?”  He wrote that he will teach his boys suspicion, distrust and to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.  He stated that history has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people.  Tucker Carlson calls him to task for the racist character of his statement but fails to call attention to the fact that Yankah is speaking the rhetoric of victimhood and, by so doing, driving a wedge of resentment and hatred between the races, which will further divide America and end very badly for everyone, regardless of race. -GEG

California Mother Harassed by Police Asking If Her Children Were Vaccinated

California: A young mother, ​Porsha Rasheed, walked her children to the bus stop and was approached by a police officer and a​n official from the Claremont school district who questioned her about the vaccination status of her children.  When she refused to answer and started recording the interaction they walked away, but that wasn’t the end of it.  Later, when​ she called the police department and explained what had happened, she was told she could be arrested for refusing to vaccinate her children.  -GEG​

Could you imagine being threatened by law enforcement authorities over vaccine records as you are waiting with your children for the school bus?  This is something that literally just happened to one young mother down in California.  One morning she walked her kids to the bus stop and she was approached by an official from the Claremont school district and a police officer.  In very intimidating fashion, they began questioning her about whether or not her children had been vaccinated.  When she refused to answer and started recording the interaction they walked away, but that wasn’t the end of it.  Later she called the police department and explained what was going on, and she was told that she could be arrested for refusing to vaccinate her children.

You can see the video for yourself on Facebook right here.  It has already been watched more than 159,000 times, and we need to get this out to as many people as we possibly can.  The following is the description that Porsha Rasheed posted along with the video…

Please watch this Video and share I am. I am being set up by the Claremont school district to be arrested and they are trying to force me to give my child immunization shots! I woke up this morning and walked my kids to the bus stop like I always do. Guess who was waiting the Claremont police department along with another man asking me about my child’s shots! I called the police department to make a complaint for harassment and was told by the sergeant, that me not giving my kids shots is a criminal act and that I will be arrested. This is why they were at the bus stop to try to incriminate me by me attempting to them that my son does not have any shots. This is crazy!! I want the world to know if I am arrested this is why! I will follow up with the facts!!!!

This is the kind of thing that health freedom advocates were warning would happen in California.

In 2016, a new law went into effect that mandates that all children be fully vaccinated unless they have been granted a medical exemption…

The law requires all children entering day care, kindergarten or 7th grade to be vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption. It also gives physicians broader discretion to grant medical exemptions based on a child’s condition or family history. The law eliminated personal belief exemptions, which experts say created hotspots of unvaccinated kids and contributed to the spread of contagious diseases.

Medical exemptions were rare before the law took effect last summer. Between 2000 and 2015, just .2 percent or less of California kindergartners had one each year. After the law took effect in 2016, the number of kindergartners statewide with a medical exemption increased threefold.

Fortunately, some doctors are fighting back against this draconian new law by granting medical exemptions to parents that do not want to submit to forced vaccination.

The vaccine industry considers California’s new law to be a model for the nation, and they are going to push hard to get laws like this in all 50 states.

So what can we do?

Well, first of all you need to know your rights as a parent.  Most states still allow religious vaccine exemptions, and you can see a sample letter on Health Freedom Idaho’s website right here.

Secondly, we need to fight relentlessly for health freedom on the local, state and federal levels.  Here in Idaho, Health Freedom Idaho is doing an amazing job standing up for parents, and we need similar organizations in all 50 states.

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