Violence ‚Äčfrom‚Äč the Left‚Äč Has Become Mainstream

November 13, 2017 Fox News 0

It is dangerous to be a Trump supporter because the left believes the use of violence is justified against anyone who opposes them. The goal of the haters is to normalize hate and incite violence from those beyond their own ranks‚Äč. National chaos is what they want as an excuse for martial law, which is the endgame.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller‚Äč’s Investigation of Michael Flynn Could Be More Damaging to Mueller Than to Flynn

November 13, 2017 Newsbud 0

Flynn was hired by the Turkish government to gather information on Fethullah Gulen, a radical Islamic cleric who has links to terrorism. Flynn’s investigation was perfectly legal. However, when Mueller was head of the FBI, he closed down the FBI’s own investigation of Gulen and quashed the testimony of an FBI whistleblower who tried to expose these facts.


‚ÄčFirst President of ‚Äč Facebook‚Äč Boasts of Creating Features‚Äč ‚Äčthat Would Be Addictive and Harmful

November 13, 2017 Fox News 1

Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook who helped design the website, knew they were creating something harmful and addictive. They intentionally exploited a human psychological vulnerability, knowing it would harmful. Parker said, “It literally changes your relationship with society and each other. God only knows what it is doing to our children’s brains.”