Bill Still Exposes ‘Big Fat Lies’ about the Official Version of the Las Vegas Shooting

November 3, 2017 Bill Still 2

A casino security guard debunks the official story of the shooting and the activities of Jesus Campos, who was shot in the leg by Paddock. Campos’ lack of a required state security guard card and his treatment at a Quick-care facility that cannot be confirmed raises questions. We do not endorse Still’s petition for an investigation, but do think he has brought to light important facts that seriously challenge the veracity of the official story.


More Bizarre Reports from Las Vegas Massacre Include Possible Helicopter Escape of Rooftop Shooter

November 3, 2017 Real News 5

Radar tracked a helicopter that hovered at the rooftop of the nearby Delano Hotel moments after the shooting, and then changed directions and sped away. The craft,was broadcasting the identification signal for a Southwest Airlines passenger plane but, since passenger planes do not hover or change directions above hotel rooftops, it is certain that it was broadcasting a false signal to conceal its identity.


Berlin Police Instructor Says Muslim Recruits Are “Enemy in our Ranks”

November 3, 2017 Breitbart 0

A Police instructor said that migrant recruits, especially of Turkish, Afghan and Arabic origins, are “an enemy in our ranks” and have even threatened German police officers with violence. Last year, federal police arrested one of its own officers who was recruiting jihadists and plotting to bomb the agency headquarters in Cologne. [May we dare ask what higher authority requires police departments to accept recruits from the migrant population?]


Donna Brazile: “I Found Proof the DNC Rigged the Nomination for Hillary”

November 3, 2017 Fox News 0

The proof cited by Brazile was a 2015 fundraising agreement between the DNC and Hillary a year before she secured the nomination over Sanders. The DNC was millions of dollars in debt, and Hillary offered financial assistance in exchange for control over the party’s finances, strategy, and just about all aspects of its operations.