UK Raids the Home of Journalist’s Home After He Tweeted about Muslim Violence

Journalist, Peter Sweden, was the target of the Hate Crimes Unit of the UK police when they raided his parents’ house. However, he is living in Norway now because he is afraid of being imprisoned in Sweden or the UK for reporting on Muslim crime. The UK raid came after he tweeted, “Palestinian man convicted of raping 14-year-old Swedish girl – Blames the court translator.” -GEG

Big Brother Is Watching You.

UK hate crime police were sent to a blogger’s home address to arrest him for thought crimes.

Peter Imanuelsen is a Swedish photographer, a YouTuber, and an online journalist reporting on news from inside Sweden.

Peter often tweets on Muslim and immigrant violence in Sweden.

The truth upsets elites in Sweden.

On Wednesday British police went to Peter’s family’s home in Great Britain looking for Peter.

The hate crime police were sent to the home to arrest Peter for tweeting on Muslim violence.
This is happening now in the West.

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