NRA Spokesperson, Dana Loesch, Forced to Move From Her Home Due to Threats

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Dana Loesch, a Second Amendment advocate and spokesperson for the NRA was forced to move out of her home due to threats against her children. [Amazing! Gun-control advocates claim they are motivated be a desire to prevent people – especially children – from being injured or killed. So they threaten to injure or kill Second-Amendment advocates – and their children. The truth is that leaders of the gun-control syndicate are not really concerned about people getting killed with guns. It’s just that they want to be the only ones allowed to have them so they can rule, unopposed, with an iron hand.] -GEG

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Jeff Maehr
Jeff Maehr
5 years ago

You know, it isn’t a coincidence that we have the “left” and the “right” aspects of issues and truth, law, corruption, etc. Christ will be separating people to the right and to the left and going to the left isn’t healthy. Wonder what part of law and truth so many on the left don’t understand?

5 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Maehr

Oh, that’s simple. Cause and effect.