New Strategy to Stop Smart Meters and Hold Politicians Accountable, with 3 Successful Examples

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Josh Del Sol and Cal Washington have launched an international movement to put an end to smart meters. Cal says he has discovered a way to remove legal immunity from government and corporate leaders, thereby making them personally liable for health and property damages caused by smart meters.  He says that the threat of law suits filed by hundreds of consumers has caused scores of government and corporate officials to resign from their positions. If this process can be escalated, the whole smart meter program could be scuttled.  [We do not necessarily agree with the concept implied in this video that corporations are bad because they are corporations. Our view is that corporations are no different in concept than partnerships, associations, governments, or any other legal fiction. What makes thm good or bad is the character of the people who run them – and what makes them all a magnet for evil people is that they provide their leaders with legal immunity for their actions. Take that away, and corporations and governments alike will become puppy dogs compared to the wolves they now are. Tat is the reason we like this project: It is developing a tactic that just might strip away this immunity – at least in the case of smart meters. If it works there, perhaps it will work in other areas as well.] -GEG


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Summary by JW Williams

Smart Meters are bad because they violate the 4th Amendment that protects privacy, as Smart Meters spy on people in their homes, they have caused fires and explosions, they can cause harm to people’s health, electricity bills have increased to pay for the Smart Meters and they can be hacked.
This episode of of InPower shows you how to prevent or reverse the installation of a Smart Meter on your home by holding individuals in government and corporations accountable.
Cal Washington, an activist from Canada, is calling upon the public to change the top-down system, controlled by the elites at the top of the pyramid, by holding the parties who carry out the elites’ policies accountable, and making their liability outweigh their profits.  For example, if a company stands to profit by $10 million, but has a potential liability of $300 million they will refuse the job.  Without someone to implement the elites’ schemes, the schemes fail.  If the liability outweighs the profit, the companies will abandon the scheme.
Cal explains that most of the world operates using Commerce, which the Babylonian system of money.  Everything is business, and the objective is profit.  Business is conducted through contracts.  Cal says that everyone can use his method, even if you already have a Smart Meter on your home, because the contract is invalid if there was no full disclosure of the harm that can be cause by Smart Meters.  The homeowner can issue a “counter-offer” to the contract, which allows the homeowner to to reject the meter by telling the energy company that if they install it, they will be charged by the day, week or month for having their equipment on the property.
Smart Meters changed the contract that you already agreed to with your electricity company through “tacit agreement”, which means if you don’t say ‘no’, then you have said ‘yes’.  However, contracts have to be negotiated to get to a meeting of the minds and agreement.
The Constitution has been replaced by a new contract that assumes you give up your rights in order to receive benefits from the corporation.  The corporation requires you to obey the rules, which is used as leverage to slip their agendas into place.
Most countries are really corporations, and are simply businesses used to make money.  US Code 3002 states that the “United States” means a Federal corporation.  The US Security and Exchange Commission lists Canada as a company located in Washington, DC.
Cal uses an illustration to show different levels of jurisdiction that are nested inside of higher levels of jurisdiction.  Here is a general order of levels of jurisdiction: Companies are subject to City Municipal Governments, which are subject to State Governments, Which are subject to the United States Corporation (this is the level where courts operate), which is subject to Constitutional United States of America, which is subject to the Law of Merchant that governs commerce, which is subject to Common Law, which is subject to Spiritual Jurisdiction.
Most people and systems are operating under the corporation of the United States, including the courts, so they ignore the Constitution.  Cal teaches how to invoke the higher common law, which supersedes the corporate courts.
If people are represented by a lawyer or attorney, they have waived their rights in order to be represented by someone else.  A judge will assume you do not have your rights because you have waived them.  Because the courts are a business, a judge can be viewed as a banker.
Cal’s document shows how immunity can be stripped away from government workers, and they can be held personally responsible, if they violate the Constitution- here’s what it says:
“Whereas it is a fundamental principle of law that nobody is above the law including, but not limited to all government actors.  The government immunity law only applies to government actors when they are performing their actions of their office when defined by their office in good faith and that the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT has made a ruling regarding public officials being held liable for actions done or failure to perform required actions, in the case of MILLBROOK v.  UNITED STATES ( ) 477 Fed. px. 4.”
Essentially, if a government worker acts outside of ‘good faith’, they may be held accountable, and forfeit their immunity.
The Oath of Office to the Constitution is the key because officials swear their oath to the Constitution, not a corporation, so they can be held accountable.
Cal suggests writing to the official who is in violation, and accepting their Oath of Office in writing.  They are then obligated to honor your Constitutional rights because you now have a contract between the two of you.  At this point, they may be held personally liable because they stepped outside of their role and their Oath.  You can then begin the process of giving them a Notice of Liability.
Cal claims that his method has led to the immediate departure and declarations that politicians will not run for re-elections after he has confronted them.  Cal claims that he implicated federal politicians by informing them that there is a crime in progress and that they were required, by their office, to stop it.  When they failed to do so, they defaulted, and then they have stepped down on numerous occasions.
Smart Meters were implemented not just by one company in one city, but it went nationwide across the world, at the same time, indicating an agenda from a very high level.
There are now more than 70 million Smart Meters deployed across he US, and the government has admitted that they use them for spying on individuals.  Energy companies use data as an asset and are partnered with government agencies.
Miles Keogh, a high-ranking commissioner at the National Association of of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, stated that the data gathered by Smart meters will be worth a lot more than the actual electricity.  Data collection is a $2.2 trillion market.
Cal says Smart Meters are treasonous, as they offer aid to the enemy, by spying on people in their homes, which violates the 4th Amendment.
One of Cal’s biggest successes came after his request for a signed copy of British Columbia’s Clean Energy Act, who signed it and who is indemnifying it.  No one replied, so they went into default.  The head of Corix Utilities in BC, Canada, the installer of the meters, resigned.  The action was also sent to the chair of the BC Utilities Commission and 2015, he resigned, too.
When Cal ran his experiment, working with citizens in Seattle, the result was that three city council members announced they would not seek re-election and one resigned immediately.  The CEO of Seattle City and Light announced his resignation.
In Detroit, DTE Utility cut off power to some people who objected to Smart Meters.  Cal helped some local citizens and 21 more individuals put the energy company into default of the Notice of Liability, which resulted in the Michigan Attorney General calling for a free opt-out of Smart Meters.  A city attorney in Warren, Michigan resigned and sent a letter to one of the claimants revealing that the DTE Utility gave elected officeholders $20 million in campaign contributions.
Elements of a Contract:
1.  Offer
2.  Meeting of the minds through negotiation.  Requires full disclosure.
3.  Unconditional acceptance.
4.  Money exchange ratifies the contract.
Cal says that when a power company notifies you that they are installing Smart Meters, they are actually putting out an offer.  Because they put the offer out, they can’t back out and they are subject to individuals’ negotiations for the Smart Meter.  The company has exposed themselves to a contract, hoping peoplew will not understand it.  Individuals can do a conditional acceptance of the meter under terms with a specific fee schedule.  If the power company cannot prove that Smart Meters do not cause harm, then it costs them money.  Notice of liability gives individuals the opportunity to file a lien, call a grand jury, and go after them for treason.  Bill collectors can be used once there is a verified debt.
1.  Notice of Liability
2.  Notice of Fault.  Give them a second chance, if no answer.

3.  Default- you can start billing when the install Smart Meter.

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4 years ago

This is the nuttiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Is it a joke? Babylonian money? Giving up rights if you hire a lawyer? Any half-way intelligent person would laugh at this gibberish.

4 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Hi Cheryl- here is a link to a Seattle City Council member’s website that shows 3 city council members announced they would not seek reelection, dated 2015:

Here is a link from that shows people can opt-out of advanced smart meters:

4 years ago

I live in Illinois and they charge me an extra $25.00 a month because I refused the smart meter…

Jeff Hart
Jeff Hart
4 years ago

OMG, you people have lost your minds. Using the same logic you might as well get rid of your cell phones your computers and all new electronics that you own.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Hart

Jeff, cell phones and computers hardly compare in the strength of the electromagnetic waves that emanate from them. Smart meters are many times stronger. I know people who had to opt out of them because it literally threatened their health in a hugely negative way, where they were in their bed in a fetal position feeling quite ill. One needs to walk a mile in another’s shoes to understand.

4 years ago

Has anybody else done this successfully anywhere else in the states?

4 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Yes, I came upon this page as I was looking for someone, anyone who used this method successfully.

Christopher Robideaux
Christopher Robideaux
4 years ago

The InPower group is NOT asserting that all corporations are bad. They are going after the individuals within certain corporations which are transgressing in the worst way, e.g. telecom and other technology outfits which are harmful to human and ecological health, as well as our basic civil rights to health, life, and wellness. Glad you, G. Edward, are on board with the idea of the Notices of Liability, as it is the most powerful weapon We the People have against the soulless corporatocracy that’s literally killing us and our planet — hence the legal troll on here attempting to discredit… Read more »

4 years ago

The problem I have is, like all the residents of the Mission Valley section of San Diego, we all live in condominium divisions, and the smart meters in each of the 7 buildings of 43 units each have their meters grouped together at the top of each building. So when I tried to opt out of my smart meter and switch to analog, it still would have been situated among all the smart meters. So that wouldn’t have changed anything much about the electromagnetic waves. I tried to interest all the other owners in my building to opt out, too,… Read more »

New Strategy to Stop Smart Meters and Hold Politicians Accountable, with 3 Successful Examples
3 years ago

[…] Posted October 20, 2017 Josh Del Sol and Cal Washington have launched an international movement to put an end to smart meters. Cal says he has discovered a way to remove legal immunity from government and corporate leaders, thereby making them personally liable for health and property damages caused by smart meters.  Read more.  […]