Antifa Stalking and Beating Conservative Students at Berkley. Professors And School Administrators Support The Violence.

Fox News
Berkeley Antifa, with an estimated 6,000 members, are stalking and beating conservative students at UC Berkeley. Naweed Tahmas, a member of the Berkeley College Republicans, has been punched, kicked, and spit on. Death threats and threats of beheading members of the Berkeley College Republicans are painted on walls across the campus. Naweed says professors and the administration, along with city officials, are actually behind the movement against conservatives and and even help organized violent protests. -GEG


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abinico warez
abinico warez

Antifa are cowards. They swarm a single individual and beat them – they would never dare to act alone on a one-to-one basis.

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson

Shut down the college there. Withdraw all tax money that comes from the federal gov’t and arrest the professors supporting the violence. When the perpetrators of the violence are arrested, put the professors into the jail with them and include all administration personnel that are helping the professors. In fact, why not withdraw all tax money from the federal gov’t going to California?