State of California Paid for Black Lives Matter Billboard That Called for Resistance to Trump

A group of concerned citizens in El Cajon, California, succeeded in having a billboard removed that carried a message from Black Lives Matter message that promoted resistance to Trump. The owner of the billboard told the citizens that the State of California paid for the ad.

Persistence Defeats ‘Resistance’

A local group of concerned citizens in El Cajon, California took immediate action when they saw a billboard featured on East Main and Second Street which depicted a Black Lives Matter ad with an anti-Trump undertone.

The group persistently made calls to Billboard host Clear Channel in San Diego, and stated that they were concerned that people would vandalize or cause harm to themselves because of the new neighborhood addition.  The group also expressed that they were also concerned with the divisiveness it might cause within the community. The group told The Red Elephants that a man at clear channel by the name of ‘Steve’ was very receptive to their complaints and even apologized to the group.

“Clear channel even apologized,” the anonymous source said. “He said that it would be taken down right away and it was.” A woman at Clear Channel by the name of Erin also told the group that the billboard was paid for by the state of California.  Erin was the person at Clear Channel that called the group back and told them that it was “coming down by the end of the day.”

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New Low in Political Advertising Unleashed Against Republican Candidate in Virginia’s Race for Governor

A new TV ad by the Latino Victory Fund portrays a supporter of Ed Gillespie, a Republican candidate in the gubernatorial race, as a violent racist who wants to murder children. Unbelievable that a TV station would accept such slander. -GEG


Law Enforcement Report Blames Charlottesville for Violence. Virginia may Crackdown on Protests

An independent report from Virginia law-enforcement agencies blames the City of Charlottesville for the violence that erupted during a protest in August.  The report says that the City rejected many of the state’s recommendations, ignored police standards for handling violent events, used multiple-action plans instead of one, established multiple command posts instead of being unified, and placed only minimal restrictions on protesters. The investigators were denied interviews with Charlottesville officials and documents. The Governor’s Civil Unrest Task Force is preparing recommendations for the permit process that includes rules for crowd capacity threshold, reasonable fees, and requiring permit holders to hire off-duty first responders. -GEG

A preliminary action report is blaming Charlottesville for the civil unrest that occurred in the city on August 12.

The preliminary report [pdf] was presented to the Governor’s Civil Unrest Task Force in Richmond Thursday, October 26. The task force is comprised of first responders from around Virginia, elected officials, but no one from Charlottesville.

According to the report, city leaders did not take recommendations ahead of white activist Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right rally. Additionally, the report said Charlottesville had an inadequate permit process. The city was taken to court after it tried to make changes to Kessler’s permit just a few days before the rally.

International Chiefs of Police Director Jim W. Baker says we are seeing a new era of protests that involve weapons, shields and a desire to cause harm. He said Charlottesville leaders knew this before protesters and counterprotesters clashed in and around Emancipation Park. Baker said the park was too small, noting that authorities tried to have it moved to McIntire Park, and the city was warned about extreme violence, including a potential car attack. Police have charged James Alex Fields with second-degree murder, hit-and-run, and multiple counts of malicious wounding after he apparently drove into a crowd in the area of 4th Street.

Charlottesville is withholding important planning documents and information to the state. However, the commonwealth is not sharing some of its information with the city. Officials are trying to resolve this, which could change some of the conclusions within the report.

“We would like to cooperate and work with the city of Charlottesville. Let’s be united,” said Virginia Secretary Brian Moran.

“I really do think that it’s important for them and for us to have that exchange, and we stand by hoping that we can work that out,” said Tim Heaphy, who is leading an independent review for Charlottesville.

The Governor’s Civil Unrest Task Force, which has met several times, is working on recommendations for the permit process that balances First Amendment rights and public safety: That includes crowd capacity threshold, reasonable fees and requiring the permit holder to hire off duty first responders.

The task force says small localities like Charlottesville are targeted due to a lack of first responder resources. Members also say social media needs to be better monitored leading up to controversial events.

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Judge Napolitano Explains Why Indictment of Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Is First of Many Dominoes To Come

Ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Richard Gates are indicted for failure to report income and for acting as foreign agents. The charges allege that Manafort received millions from Ukraine and from companies inside Ukraine that are owned by the Kremlin. The money went to offshore accounts and was used to purchase US real estate, which then became collateral for loans. This money was hidden income on which he failed to pay taxes.  Altogether, $75 million flowed through Manafort’s offshore accounts, and he is said to have laundered more than $18 million. Prior to this, Manafort was the campaign manager for Ukrainian President Yanukovych.  None of these issues relate to Trump, but Napolitano says the plan is to indict as many members of the Trump team as possible in hopes of getting some of them to implicate Trump himself in one of their crimes in exchange for leniency. Trump is the real target of the operation.-GEG

Judge Andrew Napolitano predicted that the special counsel’s charges today against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is the “first of many steps” in the Russia probe.

“This is the first of many dominoes to fall,” the judge told “America’s Newsroom.”

Manafort turned himself in to the Washington, D.C. FBI office this morning on charges including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering in Russia-related business deals.

“What is troubling and newsworthy is the allegations continue to September of 2016, meaning during the time that Paul Manafort was the chair … of Donald Trump’s campaign,” Napolitano said.

“You’re going to indict people going up the totem pole to see if you can squeeze them,” he said of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s strategy.

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