Police Unmask Antifa at Pro-Trump Rally

Washington DC:Police required that Antifa members remove their masks at a pro-Trump rally at the National Mall, and there was no further violence. Criminal activity was thwarted once it was possible to discover the identify of Antifa members.

Washington D.C. – Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered on the National Mall Saturday to celebrate American patriotism in what they are calling the ‘mother of all rallies’.

Up to 3,000 people are expected to show up; the police are there ready to handle any violent confrontation.

After a little skirmish broke out, the police squashed it by forcing Antifa to take down their masks. It worked.

Will Sommer of The Hill is reporting that police forced Antifa to take off their masks:

Antifa has no power once they are forced to engage in actual conversation without masks covering their faces. Further proof that Antifa is just a violent terrorist organization seeking to destroy opposition by beating people or throwing projectiles at people with different political philosophies.

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