Israel Bombed Syria Near Damascus Airport

Damascus Airport, Wikipedia
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Israeli warplanes struck arms depots belonging to the Lebanese pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement near the Damascus Airport, according to a monitoring organization. Syrian opposition forces claim that Hezbollah, which is fighting in support of Syrian President Assad, have received weaponry and supplies from Iran. No fatalities were reported. -GEG

The latest in an ever-growing string of Israeli attacks against targets inside Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported an overnight Israeli attack on the Damascus International Airport. Three separate strikes were carried out.

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The attacks targeted a warehouse area at the airport, reportedly a weapons depot which was used as storage for equipment belonging to Hezbollah. This hasn’t been confirmed, but would be in keeping with Israel’s previous strikes targeting Syria mostly going after Hezbollah.

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Peter Palms
Peter Palms
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William A Pitsker
William A Pitsker
4 years ago

How did they know whose munitions these were? They bombed a sovereign state without provocation in defiance of International Law. There should be some penalty, but I guess the “Chosen People” get a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, don’t they?