Antifa and BAMN Leaders Are Seeking Positions of Authority – And Obtaining Them

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Leftist militant groups, Antifa and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), are led by public school teachers. BAMN organizer, Steve Conn and his wife, who also was a teacher, were fired from a Detroit high school for leading a protest which involved the use of pepper spray.  They sued and got their jobs back plus $300,000.  Conn was elected president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers in 2015.  Last year, 17 different BAMN members ran for elected positions on the Detroit Federation of Teachers.  BAMN also ran five candidates for different national leadership positions with the NEA in 2017. [If you think it is time for peaceful and sane people to hold positions of leadership and authority, Freedom Force awaits you.] –GEG

Public school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing “domestic terrorist violence.”

By Any Means Necessary, which has played a key role in riots in Berkeley, Sacramento and elsewhere, has dozens of public school teachers among its members, including among its most prominent leaders.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security began paying closer attention to Antifa groups in general after BAMN and other extremists started a riot and attacked marchers at a white nationalist rally in Sacramento last July, Politico reported on Friday. The Sacramento violence left at least 10 people hospitalized, several of whom had knife wounds.

One of BAMN’s most prominent organizers is Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher and pro-violence militant. Felarca currently faces charges of inciting a riot for her role in the Sacramento violence.

After BAMN and other antifa groups staged violent protests in Berkeley to keep right-wing author Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, Felarca defended her group’s acts of violence. BAMN was able to cancel another event, this time an April speech by pro-Trump author Ann Coulter, by promising a repeat performance of the Milo riots.

The FBI and DHS say Antifa groups like BAMN are engaging in “domestic terrorist violence,” according to the Politico report.

Just last weekend, Felarca helped organize BAMN’s mass demonstrations that “shut down” an anti-Marxism rally in Berkeley. As with BAMN’s other organized actions, left-wing actors at Saturday’s demonstrations violently attacked peaceful protesters. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemned the Antifa violence in Berkeley, while Felarca called BAMN’s actions a “resounding success.”

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Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas
4 years ago

This one is easy. All those ‘folks’ need to “disappear” by any means necessary. Thin out the NEA / AFT ranks of that ilk.

George Steele
George Steele
4 years ago

They desire change by violent means. They should get their wish. There are more of us than there are of them, and we should be willing to counter them with returned violence. The change, however, will not be to their liking; it will be a world without their presence. We must seek to defund, isolate, and ultimately imprison or banish these treasonous, anti-American goons. It is freedom of speech and peaceable assembly and petition, not freedom of riot and violent militant overthrow of rule of law, that is guaranteed to the citizenry. And that is what should remain after their… Read more »

Rob Polans
Rob Polans
4 years ago
Reply to  George Steele

I agree George even with BLM, BAMN. There are collectively about 3 million military, that’s active and veterans. Antifa is like BLM, they wouldn’t face a buddy marine in Florida on his own, or me in Ohio. no photo op. Columbus day they begin one ‘adventure.’ And Nov. 4 another.