College Student Goes Beserk over MAGA Hat Saying It Represents Genocide

(Vulgar language warning.)  A female student at the University of California, Riverside, stole a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap off the head of another student and became hysterical when school personnel asked her to return the property to its owner. [We are posting this episode, not because of its news value, but because it shows how thoroughly some students have been programmed into believing that enforcement of America’s immigration laws is tantamount to genocide, and it reveals the deep hatred that springs from that. If America ever falls to a Communist “People’s Revolution” this is the type of “people” who will be chanting for the execution of anyone who stood in the way – just like it happened in Russia, China, and Cuba. [Time is running short. Freedom Force awaits you.] -GEG

  • An enraged University of California, Riverside stole a classmate’s “Make America Great Again” hat, proclaiming that it “represents genocide.”
  • The thief even prevailed upon administrators to prohibit the victim from wearing the hat on campus, becoming even more apoplectic when the property was returned.

A Trump-supporting student at the University of California, Riverside had his MAGA hat stolen by a peer who demanded that administrators refuse to allow him to continue to wear it.

A video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform shows an enraged female student taking the hat to the school’s Student Life Department as Matthew Vitale fruitlessly attempts to explain to the young woman that the hat is his property.

“Your f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat,” the student who stole the hat states. “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing, You know what this represents? This represents genocide—genocide of a bunch of people.”

Vitale then tries to explain that “you do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country,” to which the unidentified thief replies, “man, f*** your laws.”

“Do you have any f***ing conscience?” she goes on to ask, questioning why Vitale would dare to wear a MAGA hat on campus and telling him that his “f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

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Tennessee Church Shooter Wanted to Help People But Had a Troubled Background

Antioch, Tennessee: Emanuel Samson, the 25-year old Sudanese man who opened fire in a church, killing one woman, was the subject of several police calls before the attack. There were two domestic disturbance calls involving a woman identified as his girlfriend and, in another instance, he called his father and threatened to kill himself. In 2010, Samson posted on social media that he wanted to be either a psychologist or a preacher and wanted to help people. [It is highly speculative, but we can’t help notice the parallel to many other shootings in which the killers were on anti-depressant drugs, which are known to induce impulses of suicide and homocide. Hopefully, some brave journalist will probe into this possibility.] -GEG

NASHVILLE — In 2012, Emanuel K. Samson greeted a Sunday morning with warm enthusiasm.

“Rise & shine,” he wrote on Facebook in January of that year. “It’s church time!”

It had become a typical refrain. For years, Samson wrote regularly of his Christian faith and his excitement about going to church.

At times, he offered to bring friends along so he could grow his church family.

But Sunday, more than five years later, was different.

More: Nashville church shooting suspect made cryptic Facebook posts

At 10:01 a.m., he sent a message to his employers at Crimson Security Service saying he would not be returning to work. Within an hour, investigators said, he arrived at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tenn., in a hail of gunfire.

Now, police say, the congregation he once called home has lost a member at his hands.

Samson, 25, left Melanie Crow to die in the parking lot after shooting her multiple times, police said. Inside, police and witnesses said, he sprayed the sanctuary with bullets, indiscriminately hitting six people and pistol whipping another.

Samson is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

Multiple interactions with police

The portrait of a troubled man has emerged after revelations of a series of events in the months before that explosion of violence.

On Jan. 29, Samson’s girlfriend told police in Murfreesboro, Tenn., that he punched and broke a TV during a fight. On Feb. 11, Samson told police the same woman had come to his apartment and pushed on the door when he asked her to leave.

No charges were filed in either case.

On June 27, Samson threatened to kill himself in an alarming text message to his father. “… I have a gun to my head …,” he wrote.

But Nashville police officers found Samson to be fine when they located him at an office for G4S, a private security firm.

Samson never worked for G4S — a spokeswoman there said he was not offered a position after a background check.

According to state records, Samson was licensed as an unarmed security guard from January 2014 to January 2016, but that license had expired. He was in a class last Friday trying to be re-certified, according to Nashville police.

Crimson Security’s legal adviser said Samson had reported for training on his first day of work Saturday. He was terminated after saying he would not work Sunday.

“There was no incident or indication of any problem with Mr. Samson at any time during his shift,” the adviser, Laural Hemenway, said in a statement.

Hemenway said Samson had begun the state mandated training that would allow him to renew his license.

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Silicon Valley Elitist Starts Religion that Worships Artifical Intelligence as a God

Anthony Levandowski, a multi-millionaire Silicon Valley elitist, started a religious organization, the Way of the Future, based around the concept of worshiping artificial intelligence as a God. Singularity is the goal, where man merges with computer, and the biological body is obsolete.

Documents uncovered as part of a separate court case reveal that multi-millionaire Silicon Valley elitist Anthony Levandowski started a religion based around the concept of worshipping artificial intelligence as a God.

Levandowski, who is currently embroiled in a high profile lawsuit with Google over accusations he stole sensitive data about their self-driving car program and gave it to Uber, founded a religious organization called Way of the Future two years ago.

The goal of the religion is to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence,” in line with the species reaching the singularity, the point at which computers surpass humanity in intelligence.

Although the group has not responded to requests from the IRS for the forms it must submit annually to operate as a non-profit religious corporation, “Documents filed with California show that Levandowski is Way of the Future’s CEO and President, and that it aims “through understanding and worship of the Godhead, [to] contribute to the betterment of society,” reports Wired Magazine.

As we have previously documented, the Singularity is embraced by many Silicon Valley elitists as part of their drive to achieve immortality by merging man with machine.

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Max Keiser Warns that Leveraged Buyouts Could Create A New Feudalism

Max Keiser says the #1 bubble in the US is the bond bubble that is at a 240-year historic high due to low interest rates. Interest rates are at record lows so that central banks can prop up ailing commercial banks by buying their toxic assets, and that accounts for the $4.5 billion on the Federal Reserve’s asset balance sheet.

Keiser believes that, instead of the bubble popping, the entire stock market may be taken private through a process called leveraged buyouts. By that he means the largest corporations will borrow money created by banks out of nothing to purchase controlling interest in their corporate competitors. To get the money, the borrowers pledge the assets of the to-be-acquired companies as collateral for the loans. After the companies are acquired, the buyer sells off bits and chunks of the assets of the acquired companies to pay off the loans.

When the process is done, the acquired companies are no longer competitors and, in fact, may not even exist; the buyer has made a huge profit, the banks have collected a huge amount of interest; the marketplace is another step away from free enterprise capitalism and a step closer to a new form of feudalism in which there are economic lords and serfs with no middle class. Already, 83% of the stocks traded are controlled by 1% of the population. When that figure becomes essentially 100%, the stock market will be private. -GEG