When Trump Flip Flopped on DACA, Was He Negotiating Or Selling Out?

Youtube personalities Stefan Molyneux and Styxhexenhammer666 (Styx) debate over President Trump’s immigration-policy flip-flop relating to DACA, This debate takes a deep dive into so many collateral issues that may contain more than you want to hear but, if you really want to know what arguments are being advanced on both sides of this issue, look no further. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams:

The US has allowed 1 million immigrants per year into the US since 1990, and there are an estimated 30 – 40 million illegal aliens living in the US, changing demographics.

Stefan Molyneux and Styxhexenhammer666 (Styx) debate over President Trump’s immigration plans and his recent flip-flop on DACA, as he has given Congress six months to legalize it instead of honoring his campaign promise to terminate it.

Western civilization, culture and values hang in the balance as immigrants are changing the demographics of the US: the majority of immigrants favor socialism, big government, welfare and government health care.

Styx makes the argument that Trump is negotiating with Democrats and will give them ‘DACA-lite’ in exchange for funding the wall, reducing legal immigration, stopping chain immigration (bringing in family members), enforcing more deportations and terminating sanctuary cities. He contends that Trump lacks the support of Republicans, Democrats and the media. Additionally, the courts could tie him up for years, so he is trying to get Congress to legislate immigration reform. Molyneux says that Trump could use the military to build the wall without Congressional approval and he should have kept his promise to end DACA as it will give the Democrats even more votes. Trump’s base is not committed or vocal enough to override the minority opposition.

Hungary’s Wall Cuts Illegal Immigration by 99%

Hungary: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has successfully slashed illegal immigration by over 99% after constructing border fences. In 2015,there were more than 391,000 illegal immigrants. So far in 2017, the number is estimated at 1,184. Rather than a solid wall, Hungary’s border is protected by twin fences and patrolled by border guards.  A solid wall would have taken years to construct, and illegal immigration still would be occurring. [If the Hungarians can figure this out, why can’t the Trump administration?] -GEG

Hungary’s success in its wall implementation is sure to anger Brussels’ EU globalists, who are hard at work implementing Angela Merkel’s open door policy, which aims to erase nation-statism, culture, and religion (more specifically Christianity) throughout the European continent.

A handful of Eastern European nations are resisting the neo-liberal marxism set out by the European Union…and leading the charge against the EU orb is Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Unlike US President Trump, Orban has successfully slashed illegal immigration by over 99% after constructing border fences in response to the European migrant crisis caused by endless US-NATO failed invasions and regime change policies.

Speaking on the second anniversary of the government’s move to seal Hungary’s border with Serbia, Orbán’s Chief Security Advisor, György Bakondi, announced that the fences have caused illegal immigration to collapse from 391,000 in 2015, to 18,236 in 2016, to just 1,184 in 2017.

“The system of technical barriers is the key to the success of border security, and without it, it would be impossible to stop the mass arrival of immigrants.”

Breitbart reports

Hungary had to respond rapidly to the migrant influx which burst upon Europe after Germany’s Angela Merkel announced there was “no limit” on the number of asylum seekers her own country would accept, so its frontiers are defended by twin fences peppered with watchtowers and patrolled by thousands of newly recruited border guards rather than a solid wall — which would have taken longer to construct.

Nevertheless, as it has been steadily reinforced illegal migration has slowed to a trickle — drawing the ire of open borders activists like billionaire financier George Soros and globalist officials at the European Union and the United Nations.

For example, UN Refugee Agency chief Filippo Grandi visited the border and complained: “When I was standing at the border fence today, I felt the entire system is designed to keep people, many of whom are fleeing war and persecution, out of the country”.

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Google Is Subsidizing 1,000 Propagandists To Pose As News Journalists

Google is ramping up its media presence by subsidizing 1,000 journalists in local news outlets all around America. Job-seeking reporters will apply to be part of Report for America, A Google front that pays 50% of their wages the first year. ‘Donors’ will pay 25%, leaving only 25% to be paid by the newsroom. If the bought-and-paid-for reporters do as expected, they will have an opportunity for annual renewals. The Report For America’s advisory board is filled with mainstream news organizations like the New York Times, NPR, CBS, and ABC. -GEG

So what do you do when you fail to elect your chosen candidate and your former political allies and mainstream media turn against you by painting you not as the ‘progressive’, open-minded, friendly tech company that you used to be but as an evil, racist, Russian-colluding corporate villain intent upon destroying all that is sacred in the world?  Well, you just buy the media, of course.

As Poynter notes today, after a series of public relations debacles in recent weeks, from the firing of James Damore to news last week that Google’s algos served up some fairly disturbing keywords to potential advertising buyers (e.g. “Why Do Black People Ruin Neighborhoods“), Google is ramping up its media presence with the announcement that the Google News Lab will be working with Report For America (RFA) to hire 1,000 journalists all around the country. 

Many local newsrooms have been cut to the bone so often that there’s hardly any bone left. But starting early next year, some may get the chance to rebuild, at least by one.

On Monday, a new project was announced at the Google News Lab Summit that aims to place 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms in the next five years. Report For America takes ideas from several existing organizations, including the Peace Corps, Americorps, Teach for America and public media.

Unlike foreign or domestic service programs or public media, however, RFA gets no government funding. But they are calling RFA a national service project. That might make some journalists uncomfortable  – the idea of service and patriotism. But at its most fundamental, local journalism is about protecting democracy, said co-founder Charles Sennott, founder and CEO of the GroundTruth Project.

“I think journalism needs that kind of passion for public service to bring it back and to really address some of the ailments of the heart of journalism,” he said.

Here’s how RFA will work: On one end, emerging journalists will apply to be part of RFA. On the other, newsrooms will apply for a journalist. RFA will pay 50 percent of that journalist’s salary, with the newsroom paying 25 percent and local donors paying the other 25 percent. That reporter will work in the local newsroom for a year, with the opportunity to renew.

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50% of College Students Believe Violence Is An Acceptable Form Of Protest

US: The Brookings Institute conducted a survey of 1,500 college students around the nation and found that nearly half said that violence is an acceptable form of protest. 20% said violence is acceptable when shutting down unwanted speakers. 44% think that free speech is not a First Amendment right if the government classifies it as ‘hate speech’. -GEG

The Brookings Institute conducted a survey of 1,500 college students around the nation, and found fully 44 percent think hate speech — whatever that is — isn’t a First Amendment right. About half that think violence is an OK form of protest.

The indoctrination of the next generation is nearly complete.

The left’s years and years of hard work at shutting down dissenting political views is paying off big time.

What is hate speech, anyway?

That’s not an American notion. Founding Fathers, after all, incorporated the First Amendment for the very reason of protecting political speech, words that irked, rhetoric that seemed more rabble-rousing than diplomatic and nice.

But a slow creep from the left to label talk from the right — talk from the right that was specifically bold and blunt in its counter to progressive-slash-socialist viewpoints — has resulted in a widespread acceptance of the phrase “hate speech.” As if it means something in America.

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