Two Women Raped and Robbed by An Illegal Alien in Portland, a Sanctuary City

Sergio Jose Martinez, an illegal alien who had been deported to Mexico 20 times, had been arrested in Portland, Oregon, on numerous occasions for driving violations and possession of methamphetamine. Recently, he went on a crime spree and broke into the homes of two women where he raped them, robbed them, and stole one of their cars. [Sanctuary cities are humanitarian, right?] –GEG

Despite being deported several times over the years and found guilty of a pletheora of previous crimes, Sergio Jose Martinez walked freely in Portland, Oregon, and went on yet another crime spree. He broke into the homes of two women, where he raped them, robbed them of cash and other items, and stole one of their cars. He’d previously been deported TWENTY times.

He is currently being held on charges of two counts of Burglary in the First Degree, two counts of Robbery in the First Degree, Kidnapping in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, two counts of Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Burglary in the First Degree, Sodomy in the First Degree, and three counts of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree.

KOIN 6 reports:

Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, appeared in court Wednesday afternoon following his arrest after a foot pursuit through the Sullivan Gulch neighborhood. He pleaded not guilty to assaulting the 2 women.

Police say Martinez physically and sexually attacked a 65-year-old woman in the 1700 block of NE Irving Street and then stole her car. As police were investigating that attack, officers responded to the area of Northeast 21st Avenue and Halsey Street Monday night on reports that a man, armed with a knife, had attacked a woman.

Police responded to the scene and began looking for Martinez, who fled the area. A foot chase ensued and officers tell us that Martinez ran through the neighborhood and several homes before capturing him in a neighborhood apartment.

According to court documents obtained by KOIN 6 News, Martinez’ arrest record began in 2003. He has been jailed in California and Oregon several times. At age 15, he completed a drug and alcohol treatment program in Texas.

Martinez moved to Portland within the last three years. He appears to be transient with no fixed address. He has used a Northwest Portland shelter as his mailing address. Martinez told officials that he picks up construction jobs to make money.

Martinez is a meth and marijuana user and told the sheriff’s office alcohol is his most serious addition. Earlier this year, he told jail staff that he consumes four to six 24 oz. beers per day. In the past, he said he has consumed as much as 10 beers per day.

Records also show that Martinez has told county staff that he has numerous mental health issues including bipolar, schizoaffective, and borderline personality disorder.

His criminal record is extensive.

In California, his conviction record includes:
2008 – Burglary
2010 – U.S. alien found in U.S. following deportation;
2014 – Parole violation
2015 – Battery, theft, and obstructing a public officer
2016 – Illegal entry into the U.S.

“Defendant has entry/removal from United States to/from Mexico 20 times with at least 5 probation violations from re-entry,” according to court documents filed in March 2017.

His most recent removal from the United States was in November 2016, but it remains unknown when he re-entered the U.S.

Court records show that Martinez has a long rap sheet in Oregon, with charges that include posession of meth, multiple instances of escape, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, hit and run, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment.

While KOIN 6 isn’t afraid to talk about Martinez’s past history of felony convictions, violent behavior, and deportations, The Oregonian newspaper mentions none of that in their write up, with writer Samantha Matsumoto apparently playing cover for the area’s political elite.

Portland is a “sanctuary city” and local officials are proud to have a policy of banning local law enforcement from asking about a person’s immigration or citizenship status.

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3 years ago

These felons clog our phony judicial system at every turn.
When they are deported they should have to walk back.
Let’s see, Portland to Mexico…pretty good hike.
Think, a couple guards with shotguns on 4-wheelers with sun shades…

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas
2 years ago

blame police for not killing these “people” and NOT planting a weapon on them.
It was the “Chicago way” for many years when the Irish controlled the P. D.